The Iraqi president ends his rivalry with Massoud Barzani, and Nejirvan is president of Kurdistan


The Iraqi president ends his rivalry with Massoud Barzani, and Nejirvan is president of Kurdistan

Nizhirvan Barzani, the elected president of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, was sworn in yesterday during the seventh session of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament in a special ceremony attended by Iraqi President Barham Salih, who visited Erbil for the first time since his election as President of the Republic. Following the sharp dispute over the candidacy for the post of President of the Republic, and hugging advertisers to close the page of disagreement.

The meeting was attended by Iraqi Parliament Speaker Mohamed Halboussi, Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi's personal representative, and more than a thousand official, political, diplomatic and military figures, Iraqi, Arab and foreign, as well as former Kurdistan Region leader Massoud Barzani.

Also attending the meeting for the first time were deputies of the PUK bloc (21 seats) who boycotted the parliamentary session in which the new provincial president was elected on 28 of last month, with the participation of a high-level delegation from the leadership of the Union, headed by Kosrat Rasul Ali, The president in the system of government in the region, suggesting a relative breakthrough in the strained relations between the two ruling parties on the back of mutual accusations of reneging on the implementation of the bilateral agreements between them three months ago, on the sharing of ministries and positions in the three presidencies in the region, Between Baghdad and the region.

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At the beginning of the parliamentary session, Massoud Barzani delivered a speech in which he affirmed that he would support the elected president of the region and called upon all political forces in the region to cooperate with him in order to consolidate democracy, expand public freedoms and build a strong and fair parliamentary system of government. Barzani explained that the organization of "Da'ash" terrorist ended militarily; but his idea is still rampant, which calls for solidarity to eliminate it, pointing out that the extremist organization seeks to exploit any political or security gap in the country, to emerge again.

After his swearing-in, the elected President of the Region, Nechirvan Barzani, gave a brief speech in which he pledged to achieve political harmony and security and economic stability in the region during the next four years of his reign. He added: "We all work together with the federal authorities in Baghdad to find common solutions to the outstanding dilemmas in light of the provisions of the long-cherished constitution of the Iraqi people to serve as a basis for building the new Iraq and guaranteeing the rights of the people of Kurdistan and all Iraqis within the framework of a federal system. We have built broad hopes on that constitution, to be the basis for mutual understanding and cooperation and acceptance of the other, but unfortunately did not implement its contents, did not achieve the new Iraq dreamed by the Iraqi people, which dedicated the Territory all its institutions to support and support ».

"Today, there is no alternative to the constitution in Iraq, especially since we all touched on the practical experience. How to ignore the constitution deliberately or unintentionally or not to implement any of its paragraphs leads to the emergence of new problems and tensions between the components of the Iraqi people, but still We can revive the Constitution and activate it and implement it fully and without selectivity, through mutual understanding and constructive action, to block the emergence of a shadowy group such as (da'ash) and others, and prevent the recurrence of the tragedies that took place in Sinjar, and the rest of the provinces of Iraq and the Kurdistan region ».

The young president also praised the history and struggles of the former president of the region. He said that what has been achieved in the region of the achievements is the fruit of the struggle of this man, who spent half a century in the fields of political and military struggle against the despicable dictatorship.

For his part, praised the Iraqi President Barham Saleh, who ended his presence in Erbil and his participation in the inauguration ceremony, in his speech the role and history of the former President of the Territory, said that «his prestige and the respect and appreciation of his people, not associated with official positions, but stems from Trust and love of the people of this politician who devoted his entire life to support the cause of his Kurdish people ».

In turn, the speaker of the Iraqi parliament Mohammed Halbusi, in his speech, that Nechirvan Barzani will be able to resolve outstanding issues between Erbil and Baghdad. He said: «We expect from Barzani to achieve the outstanding issues with Baghdad and zero problems, and will be able to solve the problems between Baghdad and Erbil». He explained that «will support the trends of Barzani in his new work», noting that «the Kurdistan region was a warm haven for its people, and embraced the displaced».

The leader of the Wisdom Movement, Ammar al-Hakim, called for a "reset" of the differences between Baghdad and Erbil, "to turn the page of the past, to a new Kurdish dream, to live in this country, to share its wealth fairly, to promote it, to preserve its prosperity, sovereignty and independence. , The dreams of children do not necessarily have to be the dreams of parents, because the circumstances change and the people evolve.

"There are indications that the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil will see important developments in the future," says Mohsen al-Sadoun, a leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and chairman of the former Iraqi parliament's legal committee. And speeches by Iraqi leaders, whether in Baghdad or Erbil, "indicating that« the new head of the province has long experience in dealing with Baghdad, and seems determined to find solutions to outstanding problems in accordance with the Constitution ».

The same position was confirmed by Talabani, a Kurdish MP in the Iraqi parliament, in a statement to «Middle East» and said that «is expected to witness the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil, a positive development, after the arrival of Nechirvan Barzani to the presidency of the region», indicating that «there is a difference between solving problems Procedural differences between the two parties, which can be understood, and between constitutional problems and differences, and this requires understandings shared by everyone, not just representatives of the two governments in Erbil and Baghdad ».

As for the Iraqi parliamentarian for the alliance of Iraqi forces, Abdullah al-Kharbit, told Asharq Al-Awsat that "it is difficult to talk about zeroing into all problems once a new leadership arrives. But it is possible to talk about many points of optimism, , And the second generation of young leaders that began to govern Iraq ».

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