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For the second time in a row, Turkish opposition candidate of the Republican People's Party, Imam Oglu, won the municipal elections in Istanbul. In this way, the AKP will be removed from the post 25 years later.

Akram Emamoglu, 49, of the Republican People's Party, defeated Ben Ali Yildirim, 63, of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) by 13,729 votes in a municipal election on March 31. However, on May 6, the Supreme Electoral Council of Turkey abolished the vote on the demands of the conservative Islamic Justice and Development Party (AKP), which claimed irregularities and ordered the re-election. Imoğlu was forced to leave office only 18 days later. The opposition described the decision to re-election in Istanbul as a "coup" against democracy in Turkey.

Features a new chapter

Istanbul municipal elections are particularly important and have a major impact on Turkish domestic politics. As Erdogan believed That "whoever wins in Istanbul wins Turkey." That is why the loss of the city for the second time embarrassed the Turkish president.

Will the election results open a new chapter in Turkish politics? Gunter Zweifert, German expert on Turkish affairs from the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP) Believes that the country is undergoing significant shifts in its domestic policy rather than at the external level. The German expert said in his interviewArab: "I see that the strong association of voters with a particular party behind him a figure of religious or ethnic load has receded a little .. For the first time elected Turks opposition candidate. Which promises much, and that the country's core issues will take on greater importance in the future. "

16.05.2013 - Quadriga Guenter Seufert

Gunter Zweifert is a German expert on Turkish affairs from the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP)

On the foreign front, Zweifert believes that after these results, the Turkish government has to re-calculate its political calculations with regard to some foreign files, including the purchase of Russian S-400 missiles and their economic consequences for the country. As for the Turkish foreign policy towards the Arab world, the expert says: "I think there will be no big change, but the shaking of Erdogan's image after a loss Istanbul's election could lead to long-term weakening of the country's ruling party"He said.

With about 99 percent of the vote counted, Emam Oglu won 54 percent against Ben Ali Yildirim, who won 45.1 percent. Oglu made more than 775,000 votes, up sharply from the March results, when he won only 13,000.

This result was to confirm that the victory of Imamoglu in the March 31 elections was not a coincidence and was not flawed, according to the editor of the magazine "Turkish Affairs" and the researcher on Turkish affairs of the Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, Mohamed Abdelkader Khalil. These results could lead to major changes in terms of domestic situation, but the ball is now in the opposition court, he explains The expert in his dialogueArab: "If the opposition proved its political ability through cooperation with the Turkish voter and gain confidence, may be more popular will be at the expense of the ruling party, which paves the way for A new political scene in Turkey. "

Kommunalwahlen in der Türkei | Ekrem Imamoglu (picture-alliance / dpa / AP Photo / L. Pitarakis)

Akram Emamoglu, 49, of the Republican People's Party

Threat to the president?

The election results give the opposition control over A city of 15 million people and the economic heart of Turkey, which has long been an important source of support for Erdogan for a quarter of a century.

Erdogan was himself mayor of Istanbul in the 1990s and Istanbul was his "gatekeeper" to power. "Istanbul was Erdogan's gateway to the stalemate and this scene is likely to repeat itself, but today for the benefit of his political rival, Akram Emamoglu, Won the second most important man in the Turkish political system, Ben Ali Yildirim What constitutes a threat to Erdogan"He said.

"I think Erdogan's position is threatened by a drop in votes," said Günter Zuifert, a German expert who views the Istanbul election results as a direct threat to the Turkish president and his party. He attributed this decline to the concentration of the party on a certain category of voters, including Turkish nationalists with an Islamic identity, leading to the loss of more votes"He said.

Restructuring of the ruling party?

The AKP remains the country's most popular party, but recent economic difficulties, including a 20 percent inflation rate and a high unemployment rate, have hurt that popularity. "The political tension and the economic collapse of the country, combined with the internal crackdown of the AKP, will inevitably increase the popularity of the opposition and increase its popularity," said Mohamed Abdelkader Khalil. The expert in the Turkish issue: "The Turkish voter sees in the opposition now the alternative ready and able to attract voters"He said.

Both Zweifert and Abdelkader Khalil shared almost the same view that the internal weakness of the party and the mechanisms in which it moves if it continues as such Will lead to the collapse of its popularity and may see internal cracks in the coming months.

For his part, Zweifert sees the restructuring of the Justice and Development Party as a "necessity," but he does not believe the party itself is capable To take this step because the absolute sovereignty of the president is not on the state but on the party is now questioned.

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