The rise of racism in Erdogan 's speech before the round of re - election of Istanbul


Ankara – Officials in Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party [AKP] are still traumatized after losing their main stronghold in Istanbul, prompting them to free themselves from their rhetoric of rationality and launching racist statements attacking everyone.

While the Kurds have not surrendered attacks on leaders of the party of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and ally of the Nationalist Movement, their campaign focused mainly on the candidate of the Republican People's Party, and the candidate defeated in the first round Akram Emam Oglu.

The pro-Erdogan media promotes the fact that imam oglu conceals "Greek assets" and intends to support those who intend to "turn Istanbul into Constantinople again" as he descends from the Black Sea region, the home of the Greek Pontians.

The statement was made by President Erdogan in his speech at the weekend of the run-off scheduled for June 23, which was widely covered on the front pages of Turkish newspapers on Monday.

The mutilation campaign continued throughout the week, with the pro-government Islamist newspaper Yeni Shafak accusing Imam Emoglu of lying and insulting the building of a "fetish" for the archbishop of the late Greek Cypriot church, Makarios, who was the first president of Cyprus after the island's independence.

The Yeni Shafak was reportedly distributed free of charge at the thresholds of homes in the Black Sea town of Gerson this week, with more slander against Imam Oglu on the front page.

It was surprising that the ruling party chose to focus so much on the roots of the Republican People's Party candidate in the Black Sea, since the region is known to be the stronghold of Turkish nationalism.

This approach proved to be a failure to achieve the desired results for the first time. The AKP's resort to a racist rhetoric in the run-up to the run-off election appears to be by no means more effective.

Although the runoff is nearing completion, the ruling Justice and Development Party [AKP] is still unable to create an effective media strategy against the growing popularity of opposition candidate Akram Emamoglu.

Imam Oglu, the Republican People's Party [CHP] candidate for mayor, won the election when it was held in March despite a campaign by pro-AKP media against him and his party as accomplices to "terrorists".

However, the High Electoral Commission decided in early May to cancel the elections of the presidency of Istanbul, in response to the objections of the Justice and Development Party. And decided to re-run the elections on June 23.

Despite this disappointing development, Imam Oglu is adopting a more intensive program than the previous elections, taking part in up to seven events a day in the divided Asian and European state, with a population of 15 million.


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