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The passenger, Tiffany Adams, took a nap after taking off the Air Canada plane and did not feel the landing in Toronto, and crew members were not aware of the crew, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, "Global News" and other media.

Global News published a tweet at its Twitter account:

"The passenger says she was asleep and woke up to find herself in her seat stuck on the dark and very cold plane .."

When she woke up later she found herself on the plane in total darkness and also cold cold. She could not make a phone call to ask for help because the charger was out of her mobile phone, and she could not use the radio in the cockpit because the engine was not powered to power it. At that moment she was terrified and frightened, and I thought at first that she was suffering from a nightmare and then focused on how she breathed to prevent her from having a panic attack.

However, she finally found a flashlight and managed to send distress signals successfully, which caught the attention of one of the luggage workers at the airport, who asked for help and brought a lift truck.

Air Canada then took the passenger home, but Tiffany says she has been troubled since "the night of the ominous plane."

Air Canada looks at the details of the incident and how the crew can overlook a sleeper passenger, and the company does not want to comment on what happened at the moment.

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