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This is a new escalation a week after the attack on two oilmen in the Strait of Hormuz that the United States had blamed on Iran. Thursday night Iran shot down an American spy drone, which would have been in Iranian airspace. Relations between the two enemy countries are increasingly tense.

"We were armed and ready to fight back last night against three different sites when I asked how many (people) were going to dieDonald Trump wrote on Twitter on Friday.150 people, sir, was the answer of a general. Ten minutes before the strike, I stopped it, it was disproportionate compared to an attack against a drone".

After this attack, Brian Hook special envoy of the United States for Iran, insisted on the American extended hand. "President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have made it clear since last year that we are open to dialogue. But Iran responded to this proposal by rejecting the diplomacy of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and then attacking a Japanese ship. Iran is responsible for escalating tensions in the region"said the US representative.

Differences on the strategy to adopt

Despite tensions, Ali Fathollah Nejad, a German-Iranian researcher in political science, does not believe in a military conflict between the two countries. "The general opinion is that neither side wants to embark on a military conflict whose consequences would be too unpredictable "says the researcher at the Brookins center in Doha. "But there are radical elements in both capitals. In Washington, we have Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, National Security Advisor John Bolton and the CIA director pleading for a military response to the drone attack."

USA Spannungen mit dem Iran | Trump, Pompeo and Bolton (Getty Images / AFP / Mr. Ngan)

Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo and John Bolton do not always agree on the strategy to adopt

Political danger for Donald Trump

A conflict that could be expensive for Donald Trump to a year and a half of the next presidential election but also and especially create chaos in the global oil market.

The United States continues its policy of economic sanctions for Iran to reduce its nuclear ambitions. To get out of this situation, Iran would have no choice but to sit at the negotiating table with the United States.

USA Spannungen mit dem Iran | Symbolbild (picture-alliance / AP Photo / J. Martin)

Americans have protested to avoid a new war after the Iranian drone attack.

Hard to accept for a country in a situation of weakness, according to Ali Fatollah Nejad: "The Iranians think they are in a weak position and they want to change that before starting negotiations with the United States. So, to regain some room for maneuver, they decided to increase their stock of enriched uranium but this decision is risky because they will surely lose the support of the European countries that they had until then."

In this context of military tension and after Thursday's drone attack, many airlines have chosen to suspend all flights over the Strait of Hormuz. Chancellor Angela Merkel calls Friday for the efforts of diplomacy, evoking a situation "very tense".

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