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The gold ring that adorns the fingers of many people, the powerful and lightweight titanium eyeglasses, which are bought by people at high prices, and the fine parts of spacecraft and aircraft, come from a cosmic explosion and are not just precious metals extracted from the depths of the earth.

These results have changed our understanding and understanding of scientists who wondered about the source of rare precious metal components in the earth, especially since the famous major elements do not resemble those components. Wood from trees and paper from tree leaves, iron, copper, lead and silver in the ground, , Are different in their radical atomic composition from the precious metals reported by the study, published by the University of Guelph, published on Thursday (June 13, 2019) on the page "Science Daily" in America and revealed that the metals referred to scattered scattered from the explosion of cosmic enormous sinking In the dimension Z About our solar system.

The new study suggests that nearly 80 percent of the heavy metals in the earth are also fused fossilized on our planet in the formation stage. But the time difference between this fall and the fall that resulted in precious metals. The study is about 30 times the size of our solar system, which is the largest star in our solar system, said Professor Daniel Zigel, the leader of the research team.

The team, using spectrometers, succeeded in simulating the dynamics of the falling black holes, which resulted from an accumulated super-gravity that lost the stars' ability to travel in cosmic space, turning into black holes and bursting into the universe.

The study agrees with a previous theory that all elements in nature were formed by nuclear reactions in distant stars and expelled by the forces of mass explosions into long-lasting explosions. This may explain the use of uranium and plutonium in nuclear reactors, as well as the exotic chemicals present in the electronics components we use every day, including smart phones, smart TVs and computers of all kinds, as well as what the consumer has not yet seen in the world of artificial intelligence and numerology and its results Great.

Professor Ziegel explains that the non-repetition of global precipitation is replaced by the generation of endless generations of heavy elements, and the precipitates produce intense flashes of gamma rays.

The team hopes that the infrared equipment contained in the James Webb space telescope, which is expected to be launched in 2021, will be able to follow the sources of radiation from falling metals in major galaxies far from our Milky Way galaxy.


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