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Michelin is ranked as the world's largest restaurant and awards its awards to the top 50 restaurants in the world each year. In the first place this year was the French restaurant "Mirazur" in the city of Menton in southeastern France, near the French-Italian border. The restaurant is run by the three-star Argentine chef Michelin Maru Colagranco, who cultivates dishes in his own garden.

"We thank our support for 13 years," Kolajurco thanked all his staff. Colagorco founded the restaurant in 2006 after moving to France and working as a professional cook to get his first star after a year of opening. Then he won the second star in 2012, and the star of the restaurant began to shine and achieve great fame.

The Danish restaurant "Noma" took second place, while the Spanish restaurant "Asador Atxpari" came in third place, while the fourth place went to the Indian restaurant "Gajan" in Bangkok, Thailand, and was the fifth place of the Danish restaurant "Granium".

The winning restaurants are selected each year through a poll of 1,000 cooks, food critics, restaurant owners and other restaurant workers around the world. Although some critics have criticized the way the winning restaurants are ranked, especially by the French, who see the standards as unclear, the ratings are highly regarded by the media.

Spain is the world's top-ranked restaurant, winning seven times since the award was launched in 2002.

No Arab restaurant was included in the top 50 restaurants at this year's event.


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