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US President Donald Trump arrived in Camp David on Saturday (June 22, 2019), where he said he would hold talks on Iran. He said before leaving for Camp David: "Iran is currently experiencing economic chaos, it is going through difficult circumstances, more sanctions will be imposed, much more sanctions."

"We have a strong set of sanctions, with the greatest force that can be imposed on one country, but we will impose additional sanctions," Trump said, stressing that he would not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. "I do not want to kill 150 people unless this is absolutely necessary," he said, referring to his decision to launch a retaliatory strike on Iran over the downing of a US drone.

Trump made statements to reporters at the White House after he canceled a military strike against Iran on Friday aimed at retaliation for a US military plane being shot down. "In some cases, we are moving slowly, and in others we are moving fast"He said.

Trump will be Iran's best friend Lu …

Trump, however, said he would be "their best friend" if the Iranians give up their nuclear program. "We will not allow Iran to have nuclear weapons and when they accept, they have a rich country, they will be very happy and I will be their best friend," he said in remarks at the White House garden."He said.

For its part, Tasnim News Agency reported that Iran has vowed to defend its borders, saying on Saturday that it will respond firmly to any US threat to them amid escalating tension between the two countries after Tehran dropped a US aircraft march.

"Regardless of any decision (US officials) … We will not allow any violation of Iran's borders," Tasnim quoted Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi as saying, "Iran will firmly face any American aggression or threat"He said.

"This is our response to a violation of Iranian airspace, and if repeated, our response will also be repeated," IRNA quoted Maj. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh as saying. "It is possible that this attack by the Americans was carried out by a general or some elements"He said.

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