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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US President Donald Trump has vehemently denied claims by a woman magazine reporter that he sexually assaulted her during the 1990s in the dressing room of a New York store, saying she was "not the kind" he wanted of women.

Trump made the comment in an interview with The Hill Web site, which I asked about the alleged rape incident by writer and journalist E Jane Carroll in a new book. Second, this has never happened, never happened, well? "Trump replied to the allegations during the interview at his White House office. Trump added that Carroll was "completely lying" when she made her claims. "I do not know anything about this woman, I do not know anything about her," he said.

USA New York City 2015 | E. Jean Carroll, Journalistin (Getty Images for ELLE / A. Stawiarz)

Carroll, who was revealed last week after New York magazine published excerpts from her new book, makes her the No. 16 woman to blame Trump for sexual assault before becoming president.

She claimed to have met Tramp by chance at the Bergdorf Goodman luxury clothing store in Manhattan before asking for her opinion on buying underwear for an unnamed woman. Then, as a joke, he suggested that she try clothes. "The moment the locker door closed, he pushed me toward the wall and hit my head hard and put his mouth on my lips," said Carol, who works for El magazine. Carol says Trump fixed her on the wall before she could push him away from her and escape from the dressing room.

"With all the 15 or 16 women who submitted their story, it's the same," Carroll told CNN. "He denies, turns, attacks and threatens." Carroll said she did not file a complaint with the police after the attack, fearing the consequences.

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