Two women were raped by a wanted woman in Kuwait


Two women were raped by a wanted woman in Kuwait

The security services in the State of Kuwait arrested two soldiers, one in the interior, and the other in defense on the rape of a citizen.

According to media sources, the citizenship is required financially, and was seized, and transferred to the jurisdiction, and received a military policeman at the Interior to take the necessary action.

In detail, the defense officer who was present at the moment of citizenship received his police officer's plans to blackmail and intimidate her, but she managed to escape when she felt their structure.

As a result, the military man chased the citizen, grabbed her, forced her into his car, assaulted her and defrauded her, before leaving her.

After the registration of citizenship as a case against them, the soldiers who recognized the incident were arrested.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior ordered them to be referred to the prosecution to take the necessary legal action against them, which in turn ordered them to be held until the completion of the investigation into the incident.

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