UEFA Champions League way to the World Cup


Porto (Portugal) UEFA has expressed satisfaction with the UEFA Champions League with the conclusion of its first edition, seeing that it has provided more competitive matches with the decline of friendly matches, and has seen confrontations between the big teams, and gave the chance to succeed in front of small teams, to It also saw a successful finals in which a leading international star won the title.

"It's a positive experience for European football," said coach Vladimir Petkovic. "His opinion was fair and unbiased, especially given the fact that the Swiss team finished fourth in the tournament.

Michel Platini, the former UEFA president, was the first to introduce the idea of ​​a UEFA Champions League, given the dominance of the Champions League, which was seen as a threat to international football.

"The UEFA Champions League is a great tournament," Dutch coach Ronald Koman said after the defeat against Portugal. You saw how much happiness in the celebrations of Portugal, and how much we wanted to crown it. " "The intensity of competition in the group stages was really high. The idea of ​​organizing this tournament was fantastic and we can not wait for the next version. "

With Cristiano Ronaldo crowned the club's second-biggest title after the European Championship (Euro 2016), the spotlight immediately turned to the next edition of the Nations Cup in early 2020 and group matches later in the year. Himself to be held in 2021.

Ronald Koman: The idea of ​​organizing the tournament was fantastic and did not wait for the next version
Ronald Koman: The idea of ​​organizing the tournament was fantastic and we did not wait for the next version

The first division in the next edition of the UEFA Champions League may be shaken by the collapse of the Croatian national team and the 2014 world champion. Bosnia, Herzegovina, Ukraine, Denmark and Sweden all advanced to the first section, but this may not be the same marketing results.

Complex problems

There may be more complex problems in terms of qualifying through the League of Nations to other championships. In the fourth division of the League, one team from Georgia, the Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo and Belarus will qualify for the Euro 2020 finals, but things for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar seem more complex. The World Cup sees only 13 teams from Europe and 24 European teams from the continent. One of the ideas is that the UEFA Champions League qualifies for the World Cup, but the qualification mechanism or number of qualifying teams has not been decided.


Certainly, it seems unlikely that teams from the third and fourth division of the League of Nations will qualify for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, with limited seats for the European teams. The UEFA Champions League received a tribute from UEFA President Aleksander Severin, who said after the first group stage, "The League of Nations has been and is still more successful than we expected."

Before the final of the first edition, Koman said the tournament did not stand on a single level with the UEFA EURO or World Cup, but perhaps none of the World Cup or the UEFA EUROs in the 1960s would have expected the title to remain as important as either. Awesome yet. Portugal coach Fernando Santos said: "It is a tournament in which the entire European football family is involved. The fact that the Portuguese are the champions of the first title is something that will remain in history."


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