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National security advisers from Israel, the United States and Russia on Monday (June 24, 2019) will begin two days of talks in Jerusalem that are expected to focus on the Middle East, specifically Iran, the strong opponent of Israel and the United States.

The consultations come as the conflict between the United States and Iran has escalated in recent days after Tehran dropped a US drone and later announced that it would impose new sanctions on Iran.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the meeting "historic and unprecedented" and said it was "a very important summit to ensure stability in the Middle East during times of unrest."

The US national security adviser, Ambassador John Bolton, Israeli national security adviser Meir Ben Shabat, and Russian Security Council Secretary-General Nikolay Patrushev are scheduled to hold three-way and bilateral meetings.

Bolton warns Iran

At a news conference with Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Sunday, Bolton warned Iran that it should not "misjudge Americans' wisdom and sanity as weakness," after US President Donald Trump knocked out Iranian targets on Friday. "Our army has been rebuilt, it's new and ready to launch – it's the best in the world by a big margin," Bolton said.

"Russia will take Iran's interests into account and inform the Israelis and the Americans," Putin said. He said the meeting would focus on the situation in Syria, where there is a presence for Iran.

During the Syrian civil war, Israel launched frequent air strikes against Iranian targets in Syria. Russia was able to maintain close ties with both Iran and Israel.


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