Violent ethnic attack and the destruction of the village of burning in central Mali


Violent ethnic attack and the destruction of the village of burning in central Mali

At least 95 people were killed in a village in central Mali, home to the Dogon ethnic group, in an overnight attack by gunmen, a local official and security source said Monday.

"We currently have 95 civilians among the dead, whose bodies have been burned and we continue to search for others," said the official in Kondo district, where the village of Sopan is located.
The Dogon tribes have often been accused of massacres and attacks on nearby villages in central Mali.

Ethnic groups

In central Mali, among others, are the Fulani, Dogon and Bambara tribes. The first is a nomadic Muslim group of nomadic shepherds with about 38 million people in West and Central Africa. The Dogon tribe has about 800,000 atheists (a small number embracing Islam and Christianity) and lives near the border with Burkina Faso, Bambara is the largest ethnic group in Mali, most of whom are farmers and many of them convert to Islam. Others convert to other religions.

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There have been many disputes between these tribes over land and water disputes. In the past, disputes have often been resolved quickly, but now the containment of fighting has become difficult, according to a report by the US magazine Foreign Policy.

According to Human Rights Watch's 2018 report on central Mali, conflicts have become increasingly complex with the growth of the Dogon, increasing pressure on grazing areas in the Fulani areas.

Climate change forces the Dogons to move to new areas in search of water and grass for grazing, exacerbating tensions between the two tribes, while extremist groups exploit these domestic concerns to fuel the "caliphate struggle."

The United Nations Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSTAH) and the Sahel group have surrounded these militant groups in the north of the country, but have since spread to central Mali, including Burkina Faso, since 2015.

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