Warriors lose Durant 's efforts


Washington- The Toronto Raptors had a six-point lead as well as the first chance to clinch their first NBA title after the Golden State Warriors lost all-star Kevin Durrant to a 106-105 win last night.

The Werriors, who seek to win the title for the third time in a row, spent most of the game in Toronto and eliminated their victory thanks to 20 layouts and defensive performance to reduce the difference with the Raptors to 3-2 in the series, which is based on the best in seven games in the final round.

The sixth game will be held in Auckland on Thursday and Raptors will be given a new chance to win their first title. Warriors, the hero of the past two seasons, have been boosted by the return of Durant, who began in the starting lineup after his absence for more than a month due to a calf muscle strain.

Durant scored three three-pointers and scored 11 points overall but appeared to have been hit again in the second quarter. He returned to the dressing room with the help of Stephen Currie and Andrea Igodala and the medical team, and was later seen leaving the stadium with crutches.

The sixth game will be held in Auckland on Thursday and the Raptors will be given a new chance to win their first title

"All the calls for Kevin Durrant," said Corrie, who scored the record with 31 points. He gave us everything he could and we hope he will recover quickly … He sacrificed his body and I feel bad about him. " "I feel a lot of emotions now. It's a crazy thing. "

"I told the players that I do not know what to say because I feel very proud of them on the one hand, under the brilliant spirit and determination, but on the other side we feel very sad about Kevin," the manager told reporters. So we all have different feelings at the moment. We achieved a stunning win and suffered a severe loss at the same time. "

After the game, Durant took the plunge to Entgram to pay tribute to his teammates. "I feel very emotional at the moment and I can not lie about it, but my brothers' pursuit of this victory has given me a boost as if they are giving me a new life," wrote the Warriors giant. Levon's Kevin Loney also came out of the game after a chest injury was exacerbated during the second game in the series.


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