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Humans can feel chills while passing through an emotional moment, for example, or feeling cold. Chills all over the body as they contract The small muscles that affect the hair follicles, which results in the cessation of hair and contractions of the sebaceous glands of the muscles and appear to be swollen, which are what the Germans call the "skin of geese" (Gänsehaut)

Chills are a reaction to a very old age When a man had a lot of hair compared to the present time, the website of NTV said n-tv " German. The site said that chills had two functions previously in humans, namely: When the body is cold, the body hair is stopped chills so that the volume of air under the hair and above the skin and cause better thermal insulation of the body. This phenomenon can be seen at the present time when some animals that flutter (stands hair straightening) to resist the cold.

Chills also appear in the case of a threat, inherited from the old man too, who was completely stopping the hair of his body, Until it appears and is larger, thus spreading fear in the same enemy. This phenomenon also exists today in some animals, such as cats and dogs, and then appear when these animals feel threatened, quoting the site of "NTV n-tv " The German.

During human development, humans have found better ways to protect themselves from the cold and to defend themselves. Hair density in the body decreased with time, but the feeling of chills continued to accompany humans, with the exception of the areas of the soles of the hand and the bottom of the foot Almalsawan, and does not grow hair.

Professor Christian Kernbach, professor of emotional feelings and psychology at Kiel University, told the German newspaper Welt that chills were a remnant of human evolution.

There are some cases in which a person feels chills, although there is no cold or feeling of fear, such as hearing disturbing noise such as chalk movement on the blackboard or insect creaking. Even this phenomenon can be a primitive instinct for humans, Because in very old times dangerous situations were usually accompanied by strange sounds and high and noisy voices. The chills in these cases were to alert the body of a danger and prepare for confrontation.

But there are no clear explanations when it comes to feeling chills when listening to music or watching emotional films. And what Music related to the transfer of the site "NTF n-tv " German music professor Eckhard Altinmueller said that humans interact emotionally with music and therefore feel chills. But there is no particular music that can produce the same feeling in all people, as in his experience with his team. Therefore, the feeling of chills depends on several factors, such as what connects the person to music and relate to the personality of the person himself.

The same applies to movie scenes affecting some people, which cause them to chills . There is no scientific explanation why these scenes cause chills to some people, while others interact with them in another way. Here, the character, nature, taste and memories of man play a big role in this. These things can not be measured scientifically. Professor Christian Kernbach, in his interview with the Welt newspaper, also said that chills also depend on personal experiences and memories.


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