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It is no secret that the former Egyptian star Mohammed Abu Treika enjoys great popularity not only inside Egypt but also in the Arab world. The former Al Ahly team has spread its magic for many years over the green rectangle, as well as its morals and humility.

Just before the African Cup of Nations, held in Egypt, was cut off, a number of leaders on social networking sites launched a shout-out to kick him off at the 22nd minute, referring to the number played by Mohammed Abu Trika during his time at Al Ahran Egyptian.

In the opening match of the African Cup of Nations, which ended the victory of the team "Pharaohs" to Zimbabwe without a response, some Egyptian fans cheered on behalf of Mohamed Abu Trika in the 22nd minute of the game, which was hosted by Cairo International Stadium.

Mohammed Abu Trika did not hesitate to interact with the cheers of the masses in his name, where he said during his appearance on the network "BN Sport" that "who comes out of the heart connects the heart … I love my country with my heart and in fact .." Wael Gomaa, who is in the Egyptian people, I love my country Egypt, and the Egyptian people, I do not need cheers, but thank them for them. "

The fans cheered on the name of Mohamed Abu Treika when Egypt played against Zimbabwe. In a match between Morocco and Namibia (1-0), the fans of "Atlas Lions" cheered Egyptian star Abu Treika in the 22nd minute.

For his part, Mohamed Abu Trika congratulated Morocco on winning his first African Cup of Nations match.

The cheers were also repeated in the name of Mohamed Abu Trika in the match played on Sunday (23 June 2019) between the Senegalese team and Tanzania, as some fans cheered in the stadium on the name of Abu Trika.

On the other hand, the Egyptian businessman billionaire Naguib Sawiris suddenly responded to one of his followers on the social networking site "Twitter", said the follower "cheers Abu Trika possible answer a clue to the likes of Swaiers," while the latter commented on that, saying: "No, of course I was He chanted them … He remains our hero Abu Trika … ".

It is noteworthy that Mohammed Abu Trika, won with the Egyptian team in the African Cup of Nations in 2006 and 2008. Known for the "Magico" style clean play over the green rectangle and great skill. Abu Trika currently lives in Qatar, where he works as a sports analyst for BN Sport and can not return to Egypt because of problems with the judiciary there.

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