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Although he still has considerable support to overcome his rival Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt in the race for Conservative leadership and thus prime minister, a quick poll published in The Mail on Sunday (June 23, 2019) showed that the fight for him.

The Guardian newspaper reported yesterday that the police were informed early on Friday after a neighbor reported a verbal altercation accompanied by screams and crash sounds in the apartment in south London, hours after Johnson took the lead in the final round of the competition. Prime minister.

The newspaper reported late on Friday that Carrie Symonds, Johnson's partner, had heard the former foreign minister say "Stay away from me" and "Get out of my apartment"He said. Johnson declined to answer questions related to the incident at the first stop in the month-long tour of the country and his rival, Hunt, to win the votes of conservative party members who would choose the next prime minister..

Johnson tried to focus on his policies, stressing that "we have to complete Breakst," pledging to prepare Britain to withdraw without an agreement from the European Union unless a compromise is reached with the bloc. Conservative MP Malcolm Rifkind criticized Johnson's response, "The truth is that the police have been called in. You can not say no comment"He said.

Former Foreign Secretary Alan Duncan told The Guardian that Johnson "has become a big question mark" around him, adding that he has shown "lack of discipline" throughout his career.

Bildkombo Großbritannien Boris Johnson & Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt (right) and Boris Johnson (left)

"The person who wants to be prime minister has to answer all the questions," his rival Hunt said on Sunday, while Commerce Minister Liam Fox called on the BBC for clarifications.. A poll published in The Mail on Sunday showed voters now prefer Hunt to become a leader of the Conservative Party, after Johnson lost seven percent of his supporters. Its dominance over conservative voters has also fallen from 27 percent to 9 percent since Friday.

But the 160,000 members of the Conservative Party will have the final word and show that their support has not diminished during the first day of discussions to choose the new leader in Birmingham, central England.. They stood up and applauded Johnson, shouting boos when the interviewer asked Johnson about Friday's incident.

Hunt also received a warm welcome and promised that if he could not reach an agreement with the EU, "we will go out without an agreement"He said. "I was inclined to Johnson, but Hunt impressed me very much today," said Conservative Conservative Karen Shakespeare. "I was surprised by his direct manner and his integrity, so I can say that I am now very much inclined to Jeremy Hunt"He said.


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