Yemeni foreign minister prefers his dismissal by resigning Saleh al-Baydani


Aden – Yemeni Foreign Minister Khalid al-Yamani confirmed the news of his resignation, but apologized in connection with the "Arabs" for giving any details on the reasons for the resignation. At a time when Yemeni political circles attributed the resignation of al-Yamani to leaks issued by President Abdurbo Mansour Hadi to take the decision to dismiss him for failing to negotiate with the Houthis.

The same media attributed al-Yamani's resignation to the fact that it was preceded by his dismissal, amid assertions of changes on more than one level to correct the performance of Yemeni legitimacy in various files.

Yemeni sources suggested that a new foreign minister would be appointed in the next few days. Several names are echoed as possible alternatives, led by Yemen's ambassador to Washington Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak, whose sources have previously apologized for accepting the post. , To fill the post in May 2018 instead.

The sources said in a statement to the "Arabs" that the appointment of Deputy Foreign Minister, current Foreign Minister Gamal al-Hadrami, with the possibility of temporarily assuming the file of the Foreign Ministry until the consensus on the appointment of a new minister, given the lack of political experience of Alhrdmi who belongs more to the administrative work.

Political sources attributed the reason for the sudden resignation of Khaled al-Yamani to receiving strong signals during the last period that he could be sacked due to accusations of failure to manage the file of consultations with the Houthis and implicating the government in the Swedish agreements, which according to observers turned into a means to pressure the legitimacy, In Yemen and obstructing the liberation of Hodeidah.

The sources said in a statement to the "Arabs" that many of the powers of Yamani recently went to the Office of the Presidency directly, which is why the message of President Hadi to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, which was supposed to be directed through the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

During the days leading up to his resignation, Yamani stopped making any press statements or commenting on the repercussions of the tension in the relationship between the government and the United Nations. He also hinted that he was stepping down from his post in a tweet that included a New York City image in early June, in reference to his return to the city where he served as permanent delegate to Yemen at the United Nations.

Yemeni activists and observers accused Yamani of running the political conflict with Huthi militias through soft tools and tools that lacked deep knowledge of Houthi tactics. He also accused him of favoring the United Nations and its envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, for a UN post after leaving the State Department.

Fahd Talib Al-Sharafi: Yamani was preparing the Yemenis in a virtual peace. He knows he will not be achieved
Fahad Talib Al-Sharafi: Yamani was preparing the Yemenis in an imaginary peace he knows he will not achieve

The sources did not rule out that the sudden resignation of Yamani in anticipation of the decision of the imminent dismissal, in light of the unprecedented tension between the United Nations and the Yemeni government and the Yemeni parliament has maintained its demand that the government refuse to deal with the UN envoy to Yemen only after obtaining guarantees from the United Nations to change his behavior and how to deal with The right file.

Al-Yamani's resignation came after a campaign of Yemeni activists and media on social networking sites criticized the government's performance in managing the external file.

The Yemeni politician Fahd Talib al-Sharafi said in a statement to the "Arabs", the resignation of al-Yamani as a result of popular pressure against the backdrop of the Stockholm agreement, which caused "a great embarrassment to legitimacy and revealed the mismanagement of the foreign file since the appointment of Yamani and poor political performance.

Among the errors that Al-Sharafi pointed out was "the naïve confidence in the Huthis' desire to achieve peace and excessive confidence in the UN mission known for its soft handling of the Houthis, as well as the popular discontent caused by the cessation of the battle to liberate Hodeidah."

Al-Sharafi pointed out that "Yamani was preparing the Yemenis in an imaginary peace. He knows that it will not be achieved under the horrors set by the Houthis and caused a decline in political and military performance a year ago when many things could have been achieved."

Al-Sharafi expected al-Yamani's resignation to reassess the relationship between the legitimate government and the United Nations and its working bodies in Yemen on clear grounds. Houthi fighting.

The resignation of the Yemeni foreign minister coincided with the visit of the UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs and Peace-building, Rose Marie de Carlo, to the Saudi capital Riyadh where she is expected to meet with Saudi officials in addition to a meeting with President Hadi on Tuesday.

According to informed political sources, the visit is aimed at resuming peace efforts in Yemen and discussing the government's reservations about Griffiths performance, which media sources say may be receiving new support from the UN Security Council. The Yemeni government has refused to deal with him.

Fayyad al-Nu'man, Assistant Undersecretary of the Yemeni Ministry of Information, said in a statement to the Arabs that the success of the visit of Rose Marie de Carlo depends on the seriousness of the guarantees provided by the United Nations and the return of the peace process to pre-divisible Griffith issues covered by the Swedish conventions.

"Yemeni diplomacy wants a veteran politician who understands the nature of the war in Yemen and is happy to thwart projects aimed at legitimizing the coup," said Yemeni activist and journalist Mohammed Saeed al-Sharabi.


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