Yemeni worker in New York becomes a millionaire because of "bin Laden


Yemeni worker in New York becomes a millionaire because of bin Laden

A US federal jury sentenced a Yemeni-born man to $ 4.7 million in compensation after being beaten and bullied by a co-worker he repeatedly described as a "bin Laden" and a "terrorist."

Osama Saleh earned about $ 7 an hour as a store worker at the Britti Girl clothing store in the Nickbroker Yves neighborhood of Brooklyn, but he became a millionaire because his bosses did nothing to stop fanaticism and references to Osama bin Laden, mastermind of the 11 attacks. Terrorist attacks.

"The description that I am a terrorist and bin Laden is an insult to me and to my business," Saleh, 27, told the New York Daily News after Friday's ruling at the Brooklyn federal court.

The person who used to hurt Saleh is James Robinson, a security guard at the store who was declaring that he hated Arabs and said they were "dirty" and that Saleh should return to Yemen.

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Robinson pleaded guilty to assaulting Saleh in the basement store, causing fractures.

Saleh claims that he still suffers from hearing problems and difficulty chewing and eating, as a result of the severe blow he suffered from his colleague.

Store managers dismissed Salih's complaints, saying the situation was nothing more than a joke among employees.

Deputy store manager Victor Lavi said the description of the young Yemeni as "bin Laden" was not important.

"It's not a bad name, it's a name, they were harassing each other by calling names, they're playing," he said.

But it is clear that the jury did not agree, and ruled a large compensation for the young man of Arab descent.

"This level of disregard is very serious in a multicultural society," said Farid Barwington, Saleh's lawyer outside the court.

The judge set a deadline for the shop owner to file a request to reduce the sentence.

The store lawyer said she would discuss the option with her client, but declined to comment on the unexpected $ 4.7 million compensation.

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A Yemeni worker in New York becomes a millionaire because of "bin Laden


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