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Universities that have earned the title of "excellent university" with selected research clusters will annually earn more than 500 million euros. It is now known which universities will carry this title:

* Technical University of Aachen

Hamburg University

Dresden Technical University

* University of Munich

Munich Technical University

* University of Constance

* University of Tübingen

University of Heidelberg

Karlsruhe Technical Institute

* University of Bonn

* Federation of Universities of Berlin and includes (Free University, Humboldt University, Technical University)

Deutschland Universität Bonn (picture-alliance / dpa / Bildfunk / V. Lannert)

University of Bonn – a long history among German universities

According to the magazine Der Spiegel, the application for a qualification nomination has been underway for years, and is being initiated in the first step by a commission of international experts. It has chosen 57 so-called "franchise clusters", with universities working together with research centers through cooperative networks. The university, which has succeeded in joining two clusters of research clusters, has become one of the elected universities.

The funding of excellent universities will start in November this year and will last for at least seven years, the German site Theocal reported. Each of the selected universities is to receive an additional 10 to 28 million euros each year.

Three-quarters of these sums will come from the federal government, while the remaining quarter comes from the state government where the university is located. All German universities are financed by public funds. Most of the funding comes from the states where universities are located.

What does franchising compete for universities?

In 2007, a research funding competition was launched with the highest evaluation for the first time.

In 2012, there was another round of funding campaigns.

The launch of the Franchise Initiative was intended to support good research and future perceptions of universities in a way that enables universities to catch up with global progress.

In 2019 the third contest took place, and the competition title was changed to "Privilege Strategy".

USA Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel in Harvard (picture-alliance / newscom / M. Healey)

Chancellor Merkel has received an honorary doctorate from Harvard University, the oldest university in the world, and holds a doctorate in physics.

How is competition going?

Two lines of support under the Franchise Strategy Plan:

* 57 research groups, called "franchise clusters", selected in 2018.

* Excellent universities.

As mentioned above, the excellence (excellence) of the university that succeeded in joining the research is achieved, and the decisive element is the scientific standard without political considerations of any kind.

How much is being talked about?

Each year, excellent clusters receive a total of € 385 million. The excellent universities have been allocated 148 million euros, bringing the final amount to 533 million euros annually. Seven years later, the franchise will be reassessed and new universities will be selected.

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