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Armed robbers robbed 750 kg of gold and other precious metals at a customer at Guarulios Airport in Sao Paulo and took two airport workers hostage. Police said thieves were still at large.

The suspects arrived at Sao Paulo's Guarulios airport in a black pickup truck with slogans similar to those of the Brazilian federal police, according to footage from surveillance cameras seen by Reuters. Four masked men left the vehicle and at least one of them had a gun, confronted the workers at the airport and then began loading the cart with the goods.

A video of the surveillance cameras published by Globo Television showed that the thieves had put on their black cars a gold-colored sticker similar to that used by the Brazilian Federal Police, as well as wearing clothes with similar markings on police uniforms.

An airport spokeswoman said no one was hurt by the attack but did not comment on the hostage issue.

M.S. / ع.ج.م (Reuters)

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