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The German author and publisher Michael Jurgis will publish the book in September, the German newspaper C. Bertelsmann announced in Munich on Monday (22 July 2019). The book bears the title "After death, what I have experienced after my death and those I met in the afterlife."

After the diagnosis of Jorgis cancer in 2018, began to concern with the themes of death and "life after death," where the book shows that he met in the afterlife with the Italian painter Pablo Picasso, the English writer William Shakespeare and the novelist and poet Theodore Fontaine, according to the publication.

Symbolbild Buch in der Wüste (Fotolia / Silvano Rebai)

The book, which he worked on until shortly before his death, is a journey through his life and at the same time through the history of the West.

Jorgis died on July 4 at the age of 74 in Hamburg, northern Germany. He was the editor-in-chief of the famous German magazine Stern. He was also one of the leading journalists in Germany.


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