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The legal chamber of the German Social Democratic Party (SPD) agreed on Thursday to a request by the party's General Secretariat to request the expulsion of the former deputy minister of finance in the state of Berlin, Thilo Sarrazin. The party's leadership filed the petition because of the controversial Avkarsarazin on Islam and immigrants. The legal chamber explained its consent to the petition because of the nature of Sarrazin's remarks, which "propagate anti-Islamic ideas and reflect racist ideas," the Bild newspaper quoted excerpts from the verdict.

The general secretary of the party welcomed the verdict, while Sarazin's lawyer declared that his client rejected him and would appeal against him. Lawyer Andreas Koehler, as reported by the German agency DPA, has also pledged to go to the German courts, including the highest judicial chamber in the country.

Sarazin published a book in 2010 entitled "Germany makes its end" in which he attacked Jews strongly and described Muslims as less intelligent. In the summer of 2018, his book "Aggressive Control – How Islam Prevents Evolution and Disrupts Society." Sarrazin received calls from right-wing populist parties in Austria and elsewhere to present his book, which focused his attack on Muslims.

WB / ASG (DB, Bild)

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