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At a time when the German government is taking more action in the fight against the extreme right wing in the country, there are occasional reports of right-wing extremists in German administrative circles.

After revealing instances of extreme right-wing police or army workers, recent media reports of the use of right-wing extremists by the German asylum service have revealed that the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees has hired a person classified by the security authorities as "An extreme rightist," before deciding to expel him months ago.

"Not the first case"

According to the German signatories, the person who was employed in the summer of 2017 worked in a branch of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, but the office decided to expel him several months ago after being informed by the state's Constitution Protection Commission That this person has a past in the far right-wing scene.

This is not the first case in which the existence of extremists working for the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees has been detected. The Office told Felt that in the past there had been "few individual cases" in which the "obligation to obey the Basic Law" Appropriate under the Labor Code ". The Bureau did not wish to speak about the same situation.

Although the dismissed officer was not responsible for the decisions to reject or accept asylum applications, he was involved in the processing of applications under the so-called "Dublin proceedings" relating to the repatriation of refugees to the first European country where they had lodged asylum.

"Significant impact"

According to the expert on immigration and asylum in Germany, Karim Wasti, the presence of right-wing extremists in the German asylum department has "a great impact" on Germany and on refugees alike.

"Even if they are a small number, they pose a threat because they have an ideology based mainly on anti-refugeeism," said Al-Wasiti, a member of the Refugee Council in Lower Saxony. "They lack objectivity and impartiality and therefore can not handle requests objectively. Will prolong the suffering of refugees and waste time and cost the state more funds in the context of the correction of sentences by the courts. "

"Security criteria for staff selection"

The main problem that leads to the recruitment of extremists in the Federal Office of Migration, al-Wasiti said, is "there are not enough security standards to test employees before they are selected." The expert stresses the need for asylum "to develop more accurate and more comprehensive mechanisms for the testing of people who enter it, as in the security institutions."

A spokesman for the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees told Felt that there was no security check for all the staff of the office, adding that the screening was done only for staff with access to sensitive information or working in the security field.

The Federal Office was currently lacking the legal basis for mandatory security checks on recruitment, noting that all staff undertook to abide by the "duty of loyalty to the Basic Law".

Deutschland Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge in Nürnberg (picture alliance / dpa / Geisler-Fotopress)

Office of the Union for Migration and Asylum in Germany

A spokesperson for the Bundestag Green Party's internal policy, Irina Mihalik, asked the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees to take appropriate measures to prevent the recruitment of radical rightists to the office.

"When we now find that a staff member of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees has a right-wing relationship, it shows that there is a need to take action on new appointments," she said. "Serious consideration should be given to verifying that credibility checks are mandatory for new appointments in the office".

"Security circle also"

The Welt website said that the FBI did not conduct security checks when the staff accepted that the office had not considered itself a traditional security service for a long time, citing that it was not reporting people who had forged passports, nor did they know who had the potential Access sensitive information.

But the new head of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, Hans-Eckhart Zumer, who was appointed in mid-2018, seems to want to change that, saying in a newspaper interview two months ago that they see themselves as a "security circle too."

Karim al-Wasti stressed the importance of the counseling centers and human rights organizations to inform the German authorities of any cases of right-wing people working in the departments responsible for asylum, citing that they reported a decision on asylum cases was active in the party Altalil.

"What does a person belonging to a party call for the abolition of asylum in the Federal Office of Refuge?" Asks Wasti.

"In addition to preventing the recruitment of extremists, the Office should take better action on the quality of decision-making," said the asylum expert. "One-third of asylum decisions in 2018 have been corrected by the courts."

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