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Moroccan authorities said on Thursday that searches were under way to remove a van, buried by a landslide that occurred after heavy rain in the Atlas Mountains south of the Moroccan city of Marrakesh.
The incident occurred Wednesday evening in the Asni area. Witnesses said the car was carrying passengers from Casablanca to the village of Talouine, 670 km south of Rabat.
Authorities said the ground collapse behind a 20-meter-high pile of dirt and mud blocked the mountain road. No details were given on the number of passengers. Local media reported that 16 to 20 people were believed to have been in the car.

In an interview with Morocco's Midi-Tifi channel, the civil protection chief of Marrakech Safi, Ahmed El-Qaidi, said the car was still under the mud and covered, despite harnessing all available human and material resources to find it. The Moroccan official said the thunderstorms that have also hit the area have made it difficult for rescue workers.
D./ Reuters

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