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Tunisia has not experienced a conflict in the past few hours as Tunisians woke up on the morning of the Republic of Tunisia to the news that President Béji Kayed Sibsi was transferred to the military hospital for the second time in a month. News of the opening of speculation about the health of the 92-year-old president. This debate spread to the social networking sites, especially in light of the lack of clarity regarding the electoral law, which was approved by the House of Representatives last month, and referred to the President of the Republic and was not signed by Sbsi.

The speculation did not take long this time, as the Tunisian presidency announced in a statement the death of SPSI, to start a torrent of reactions that not only Tunisia. The condolences were also accompanied by signs of concerns about the transition of power and the coming days.

However, Mohamed al-Nasser, speaker of the People's Assembly, confirmed on television that "the state will continue and according to the Constitution, the head of the People's Assembly of the People's Presidency," in case of vacancy of the post. Removing some concern about the power transfer.

Some voices opposed to al-Sabsi, expressed their rejection of some of his positions on certain issues ..

Some were keen despite the difference with al-Sibsi to emphasize that he was elected president in the Arab world, a question described by one of the worshipers as "rare."

For his part, the leader of the Tunisian Renaissance Party, President al-Sibsi, pointed out that his departure came on the anniversary of the Republic's "which gave it a lot."

It is known that the understanding between Ghannouchi and the Sebis was clear since the last election of the presidency in 2014, but the recent period has been cold in relations on the background of political tensions between the parties of Tunisia's liberal appeal and Islamic renaissance.

Essebsi und Ghannouchi sprechen im Parlament (picture-alliance / dpa / Messara)

Sibsi's position on the issue of inheritance equality between men and women and the issue of state secularism was one of the points highlighted by some of Twitter's critics in their criticisms of criticism.

… while they were praised by others.

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