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An emerging Spanish company, in cooperation with the University of Valencia, has launched a technology project in which men can use baldness to generate renewable energy using sunlight.

The new technology, which is still being tested and developed, has been tested on 42 men and achieved more than expected results, according to a website There is news . The Spanish company announced that the operating system will be available for sale in the summer of 2019.

The technology uses baldness as a surface that captures the sun's rays and converts it into energy, which is stored in small batteries carried by the user, so that it can be used later for various purposes such as mobile phone charging.

However, the generation of this type of energy will require the man to cultivate a small segment of the head, through a simple operation, in order to be able to convert the sun falling on the head to the energy to be used later.

According to the magazine website Innovators, Bald heads can work more efficiently than solar panels used in power generation networks, as they reverse sunlight quickly and strongly.

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