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More than 100 migrants were missing Thursday after a boat they were traveling in sank off Libya, a UN agency said. "The worst tragedy in the Mediterranean this year has just happened," UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi wrote on Twitter.

"The drowning incident took place opposite the Libyan city of Al-Khima," 120 km (25 miles) east of the Libyan capital, Tripoli, Safa al-Meshali, a media official at the International Organization for Migration (IOM) office in Libya, told AFP. The Libyan Coast Guard rescued 145 migrants and returned them to the fifth, according to the report. Some of the survivors said their boat sank and about 150 migrants were still aboard.

But a spokesman for the Libyan navy Ayub Kassem said in a statement received by AFP that 134 migrants were rescued and recovered one body, in return for the loss of 115 migrants. "A wooden boat carrying about 250 migrants, including women and children, sank less than five miles from the coast," according to survivors.

According to Kassem, the survivors are Eritreans in their larger section, but there are also Palestinians and Sudanese, who have been transferred to the Coast Guard center in the five and are still there because they can not be transferred to the shelters. Illegal immigration to take over. "

For his part, said the official of the Médecins Sans Frontières in Libya, Julian Rickman that about 400 migrants were aboard the boats, which rescued some of the passengers on Thursday. "It seems there are still people at sea," Rikman, who lives in Tunis, told AFP by telephone from Paris. "These numbers have been retrieved by the organization from survivors who have been trained by their crews in Libya.

He added that the migrants "sailed from Libya on Wednesday night in Morocco, most likely on board three boats linked to each other, which explains the disintegration, according to eyewitnesses and survivors." He explained that the crews of the organization in Libya on Thursday noon two groups of survivors of 53 and 85 migrants, or 135 survivors in total, including seven transferred to a local hospital. "There were 400 people who needed to be rescued at sea, less than a third were saved."

Meanwhile, Italian lawmakers voted on Thursday to increase fines for charity organizations that rescue migrants, who enter Italian ports illegally, to reach 1 million euros ($ 1.12 million). The Italian House of Representatives approved 322 votes to 90 votes on a tight copy of the so-called "security decree", which currently impose fines ranging from ten thousand to 50 thousand euros. Italy says one of the main reasons for shutting its ports to humanitarian ships is not to "share the burden" of receiving migrants within the EU. Europe has so far been unable to agree on a "solidarity mechanism" that would provide an alternative to rescue vessels.

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