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A new virus affects about 25 million smart phones, especially in India. This virus replaces a number of original applications on the phone, primarily Wattab, with fake copies.

The virus exploits previously known vulnerabilities in Android operating systems, which makes updating the operating system and downloading the new version necessary, according to the Israeli company Check Point for digital security.

"As a result of the ability of the virus to disguise and impersonate other applications already on the phone, there is an infinite number of possibilities for the virus to infect the devices," the company explains.

The majority of the victims of this phishing e-mail are in India alone, where about 15 million phones have been infected, a website said Forbes Magazine America. But the virus has also infected more than 300 thousand phones in the United States and 137 thousand phones in Britain, thus the virus is one of the most serious electronic threats faced by the operating system Android.

The virus has spread through a distributor owned by the Chinese company Alibaba and not through Google's official app store Google Play store, Where the user uploads games or applications of image or other of a sexual nature, which leads to the download of the virus without the appearance of any icon or signal on the screen of the phone.


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