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There is no doubt that traveling through the plane is "fun" and irresistible. This means of transport is short distances in just a few hours and is among the safest transport modes in the world. Making it very popular around the world.

This "pleasure" can turn into a "curse" for anyone traveling, especially as aircraft occasionally take "necessary" measures to meet high travel costs and provide the best possible conditions for travelers.

However, a traveler from Scotland, he found a clever way to avoid paying extra money to a well-known airline. On a flight from Nice to Paris, an airport official asked traveler John Irvin to pay extra for his bag of eight kilograms, the British newspaper The Independent reported.

The response of John Irvine, who had a clever idea to avoid paying extra money, was not too late. Irvin opened his bag and began to wear his clothes (about 15 pieces) to ease the weight of the travel bag and thus travel without problems.

"After asking my father to pay extra money, he told me to look at this. He quickly opened the bag and wore about 15 pieces of clothing to reduce the weight of the bag," said Josh, 17, son of the traveler John Irvine. : "I laughed a lot … and airport officials thought my father was trying to smuggle something under his clothes, but things went well in the end."

Josh Josh, a video of his father's clothes, quickly posted on his own account at the Twitter social networking site. In a very short time, the video had a great interaction, but it was not yet clear how the father behaved with the rest of the luggage in the bag like shoes.

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