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Pictures of the Moroccan fans who hoisted the flags of Algeria, in the stands of the Egyptian stadiums or in the Moroccan cafes, were among the highlights of the 2019 African Cup of Nations. Even after the Moroccan team left the tournament, Moroccan encouragement to the Algerian team continued under the slogan of "brotherhood brothers" The transformation of the revolution quickly spread to the means of social communication, and became the archive of moments reflecting the state of unity between the Moroccan and Algerian people.

The Moroccan-Algerian political situation has taken on a political dimension, opening the door to renew demands for the opening of the land border between the two countries and closed since 1994. The demands have taken a more active form as planning began through Facebook for a march to cross the border between the two countries on Saturday. The call was greeted with a clear welcome, especially among mixed families who live in the border areas between the two countries and suffer because of the closure of the border, which makes it difficult for many to visit their relatives on the other side of the border.

At the time of the spread of footage, the fans tried to penetrate the border to express the joy of the rise of their team amid encouragement and cheers from both sides, has not been issued by the security authorities any comment on Facebook campaigns to open the border so far.

One of these scenes, which shows an Algerian fan who broke through the border amid cheers, revived the hopes of the pioneers of social media, who drew attention to the reaction of two soldiers on the Moroccan side, did not raise their arms against the Algerian fan, despite the illegality of the act.

But the question of opening the border between the two countries is a complex issue of deeper dimensions than just a sporting or popular rapprochement. There are many thorny files and sometimes mutual accusations, which disturb the political relations between the two countries. However, at the grassroots level, especially in the border areas, there are frequent intermarriage relations, and there are many families whose roots are rooted between the two countries, as well as the great cultural similarity between the two peoples. Mutual support between the two countries has also appeared on many sporting occasions, including Algeria's support for Morocco's bid to host the 2026 World Cup.

This popular desire to open the border is the reason behind the reopening of the file from time to time. Several months ago, some political names that wanted to run for the Algerian presidential elections raised the question of opening the border between the two countries. Electoral ", knowing that it would be difficult to implement it on the ground at least in the foreseeable future, but the debate was followed by more controversy on social networking sites.

Facebook Initiative zur Öffnung der algerisch-marokkanischen Grenzen zum Afrika Cup 2019 (

Campaign on Facebook calls for a march at the border areas on Saturday

Some observers believe that the issue of opening the land border between the two countries is a matter of time and will inevitably be achieved, especially in the event of changes at the political level, especially in Algeria, which is currently experiencing a clear political mobility.

Apart from the outcome of the African Cup final between Algeria and Senegal, the question remains: Can a strong popular desire and social networking campaigns achieve the goal of winning over political differences and removing the land border between two peoples that combine so much?

Ibtisam Fawzi

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