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A new crisis broke out on Saturday (July 6, 2019) between two rescue vessels belonging to two legitimate organizations and Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salveni after the arrival of the ships carrying rescued migrants off the coast of Lampedusa in search of a safe harbor.

The ship "Alain Kurdi" of the German charity "C-A" and carrying 65 immigrants rescued after the sinking of their boat off Libya, to the boat, "Alex" of the "Mediterania" raising the Italian flag with 41 immigrants.

Last month the populist rightist Salveni signed a decree imposing fines of up to 50,000 euros ($ 57,000) on a captain, owner and operator of any vessel "entering Italian territorial waters without allowing it"He said.

The CIA, on board a Kurdish ship, said: "We are waiting in the international waters off the island of Lampedusa. "Customs officers" personally came to deliver the Salfini decree: the port is closed"He said. Sixty-three men and one woman were rescued from a crowded blue rubber boat with insufficient drinking water, no satellite phone or monitoring equipment.

The pictures showed dozens of migrants and asylum seekers trying to avoid sunlight under blankets on the narrow side of the 18-meter-long sailboat.

German Interior Minister Horst Zehwefer wrote on Twitter that Germany was ready to receive a number of those rescued "in the framework of a European solidarity solution"He said.

Salveni accuses the aid ships of non-governmental organizations of helping the smugglers and said the boat "Alex" should sail in the direction of Valletta, capital of Malta, after the transfer of 13 people "sick" Friday to Lampedusa and 41 people stayed aboard. In turn, Valletta asked Alex to go to the Maltese waters and bring down the immigrants, but Mediterania said the trip would be very difficult..

We are waiting for arrangements from the Italian or Maltese navy to welcome these people on board, "wrote Alessandra Chorba of Mediterania on Twitter. She said that while Italy had received families and pregnant women from the small boat, "all the minors are still without a guardian on board the boat, one of whom is 11 years old"He said.

Mediternia has mainly activists from the left, Salafini's arch-foe, whose popularity has grown in popularity Which he leads because of his tough stance on immigrant rescue ships. According to a poll published on Saturday in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, 59 percent of Italians support Salfini's decision to close ports against non-governmental organization ships.

For its part, announced the German "CI" relief that the ship "Alan Kurdi", which currently has 65 immigrants, Will not sail currently in the territorial waters of Italy. The head of operations of the organization, Gordon Esler, told the German Press Agency (DPA) on Saturday that the Italian customs handed over the crew of the ship this morning, a decree from the Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini banned entry into the territorial waters of Italy.

"For the first time, we will take this ban", Adding that "the CIA" will not violate this decree without a convincing reason.

(Dpa) (AFP)

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