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US President Donald Trump announced on Sunday (July 28, 2019) that National Intelligence Director Dan Coates will leave office on August 15, the latest in a series of changes in the administration. Coates was at odds with Trump during his tenure as director of national intelligence, but tried to avoid direct confrontation with the volatile president.

Trump said in a press briefing that he planned to appoint John Ratcliffe as an official to oversee and coordinate the CIA, the National Intelligence Agency and other intelligence agencies. Ratcliffe is a Texas lawmaker and a member of the House Intelligence, Justice and Homeland Security Committee. Trump wrote that Ratcliffe would "lead" and be a source of "inspiration" to the United States, thanking Mr. Katz for his "great service" to the country.

Trump has repeatedly clashed with US intelligence chiefs, including Coates, over issues including Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and nuclear disarmament of North Korea and Iran.
Earlier on Sunday, the Bloomberg news agency quoted two well-informed sources as saying that Coetz's job was to disagree with some of President Trump's views on national security.

If Ratcliffe's nomination is approved, Trump will have an intelligence chief more in line with his views. Ratcliffe said he had "seen no evidence" that Russia's intervention in the 2016 presidential election had contributed to Trump's victory. Ratcliffe also supports the hard line of the Republican president over Iran.

In Congress, Ratcliffe was a staunch supporter of Trump and sharply criticized Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller as well as Federal Bureau of Investigation chief James Coomy, who was dismissed by Trump.

Coates' departure will be the latest in a series of changes in the administration. Defense Ministers Jim Matisse, Homeland Security Secretary Kirsten Nielsen and Foreign Secretary Rex Tilerson, as well as former Secretary of State John Kelly, left their positions earlier.

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