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Never before had one of the Egyptians wished to defeat a national team in any sport, but that has already been reached by several things, including suspicions Corruption took the form of choosing Javier Aguirre as coach of the Egyptian team, Along with many suspicions of corruption surrounding the members of the Egyptian Football Federation.

Scratch image icon

However, most of what scandals the image of the Egyptian team was reported on the scandal of the moral player Amr Warda Was not the first in his career, but the accusation followed during his professional in Portugal, to leave the star Mohammed Salah, controversial controversy about the need to "give the player Second chance".

Under pressure from Mohamed Salah and others, the Egyptian Football Federation canceled its decision to exclude the player to return to the squad, and to increase anger from the team and Salah himself, and become the title of the team "", What put "Mo Salah" in the range of many of the sharp criticism, to move to the British newspapers that attacked the "icon" of the Egyptian team strongly for his support for Amr Wardah:

Believe Sherif Abdelkader, the editor of the sports section of Egypt's Al-Shorouk newspaper, said that everyone paid a great deal as a result of Amr Warda's case. "It was possible to lose in sport, and this is normal and acceptable. But we can never lose our principles, morals and values. This is not allowed and the decision to keep the player from the team should not be reversed"He said.

In this context, Abdelkader said in an interview with him Arabic "Pressure from some players and pressure from the player's agent himself, who has strong relations with players in the team that was reportedly the reason for their presence All this led us to a completely different direction," stressing that "this series continues since the Egyptian team's poor performance in the Cup The world without any change, accountability or calculation"He said.

Ammar Ali Hassan, a novelist and sociologist in political sociology, believes that anger in the Egyptian street comes as a result of several things. The first is the conviction among Egyptians that when Egypt organizes the tournament on its soil, its team must win it. In addition to what the people felt from the absence of the fighting spirit of the team and the state of complacency and indifference that appeared on it, as pointed out by the Egyptian writer and novelist Ibrahim Abdul Majid also when he spoke about the absence of interaction and diet usual with the Egyptian cheerleader in popular cafes:

An "artificial" audience?

On the social networks, there was a lot of talk about "deliberate" obstacles limiting the presence of the "real football audience", starting with the high prices of tickets, through the recording of personal data in detail, raising concerns about the prosecution of those who chanted slogans or raised slogans related to politics or order, And ending with the huge number of security men among the crowd:

The same is true of lawyer and lawyer Gamal Eid:

all of that Led to the presence of fans described by the singers with the audience of "ice cream" In reference to the fact that these are not the real fans of the ball, who were "turning the Cairo Stadium into a theater of horror for the teams facing the Egyptian team." But sports analyst Sherif Abdelkader sees the issue of the chosen audience as completely unfounded. "The third degree score was full of them and very intense"He said.

What Abdel Kader sees seems contradictory to what many social networking leaders have said:

Researcher Ammar Ali Hassan agrees with the comments on social networking sites. "In addition to the fact that the real football fans were not allowed to attend the matches as a result of the increase in tickets, Egyptian security may have exaggerated their fears of allowing a normal audience to enter, So he deprived him of participation. It is also said that a certain audience was required to ensure security and not to move from sport to politics in the stands"He said.

On the other side was There are those who believe that it is politicized and clear of the sport and that the real ball was already in the stands and that those who did not attend are the rioters and those who cause problems and lead the youth to the political leadership and the Egyptian security authorities.

"Post-defeat" measures

Afrika-Cup 2019 Achtelfinale | Gygypten vs. Südafrika (Reuters / A.A Dalsh)

Mohamed Salah after the Pharaohs lost to South Africa.

It was clear how keen the Egyptian state to host the tournament and get out in the best form possible Which has happened, The opening ceremony was the talk of the international press, with its dazzling at all levels.

Of course no one He wants the team out Especially the Egyptian regime. "The State has done everything it can to make the event a success. All that is required of the Football Federation is only one thing: the formation and preparation of a qualified team to win the championship until the scene is complete, There is a state of corruption accumulated in the management of the Egyptian football system led to this result, "says Sharif Abdelkader, an Egyptian sports journalist.

What happened to the Egyptian team prompted a number of newspapers to talk about the start of one of the "sovereigns" to open files of corruption within the Egyptian Football Federation to account and punish those who caused the exit of the team Of the tournament; which is what made Abdul Qadir Hopes that this will be "a beginning to correct the course, especially that the resignation of the members of the Egyptian Football Federation was clear that it occurred after the escalation of official anger in the state of the results that thwarted the huge work done in the tournament"He said.

The same thing is confirmed by the Egyptian researcher Ammar Ali Hassan, saying that the defeat does not serve the Egyptian authority at present, especially as the event coincides with events such as the important events of the death of former President Mohamed Morsi and raise support for fuel.

The expert applauds the meeting The Egyptian political channel that the "Brotherhood channels" broadcast from abroad "also politicize football and link the failure of the team and the current authority in an attempt to mobilize the public to get angry on the back of sports but in the direction of politics."

Therefore, Ammar Ali Hassan believes that he was in power, in the framework of defending itself and to maintain stable conditions, "to use some of the tools to absorb anger, the news began to spread about opening files corruption in the Football Association and to push the players to silence not to provoke the public and try to alleviate the impact What happened "by talking about Egypt" is rich in players and that it is possible to prepare another team under the leadership of a new coach and all tools to absorb anger"He said.


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