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C-Watch has always been a thorn in the shadow of Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salveni, who has repeatedly accused NGO search and rescue workers not only of encouraging and even supporting human traffickers.

It was therefore not surprising that Italian authorities arrested Carola Rakeet, 31, captain of the C-Watch after challenging Italy's continued ban on salvage vessels such as Sea Watch 3 entering its waters and ports and rescuing rescuers. The Italian authorities detained the ship and arrested him on charges of crossing an Italian military vessel. Salveni even accused the captain of the ship of committing "acts of war", as was the case when he maneuvered and docked with the Italian Coast Guard.

However, an Italian court ruled several days after the arrest of the German captain that she did not act against the law because she was doing her duty as a captain in the sea and saving human lives, and thus canceled the order of house arrest against his rake.

Although she is no longer under arrest and house arrest, Carolla Raketti can not leave Italy at this time and is being investigated separately on charges of assisting in irregular migration. Ricci is unlikely to leave Italy before, according to her lawyer. Her case will be brought before the court and the ship's captain will be questioned at a private hearing on July 18.

Carola Rackete Sea-Watch 3 Kapitänin (Reuters / G.)

His rake has become a hero in the eyes of many after 40 migrants have been brought to safety

With the S-Watch 3 still under confiscation at one of Sicily's ports and the survival of its raiders inside Italy unable to leave because of continued investigations, what is the next step for the NGO?

Death threats before court hearing

Rakeet became an address and a sign for both the pro-immigrant party and groups that strongly oppose illegal immigration. For some, she is a heroine, as seen by others who have taken the lives of Italian law enforcement officers who were on the boat trying to prevent her from drowning.

There have been reports of threats to kill Carola Rakeet, which was obviously too serious to be taken. The German captain was forced to hide less than a week before the court session, according to CPN spokesman Robin Newburgh.

Efforts to find an alternative way to return to work

Meanwhile, C-Watch demanded the release of its vessel, which is being held by the Italian authorities, in order to continue its operations, as migrants continue to drown during their attempts to cross the Mediterranean.

On Twitter, C Watch published a picture of the relocation of refugee victims near Tripoli, Libya, as a result of bombings that killed dozens of migrants.

The organization says it will begin searching for another ship to continue search and rescue operations. With more than € 1 million ($ 1.1 million) to be provided to help Carola Rakeet collected from Germany alone (in addition to nearly € 500,000 collected in Italy), NGOs are supposed to be able to find and fund new solutions that ensure continuity Operations.

At a news conference in Berlin, a spokesman for Watch Newburgh said the money would be used to fund future bailouts. Before the release of Carola Rakeet, the CBC representative told CBC that regardless of the legal consequences, the organization would continue to work to find ways to save lives in the Mediterranean. "We are committed to and respect the laws, we are committed to our humanitarian duty, Do this work. "

Sertan Sanderson / AH

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