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German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday (July 11, 2019) used a seat during the inspection of the honor guard when she received Danish Prime Minister Mitt Fredericsen a day after she suffered a new tremor. Merkel usually stands next to her guests when the military band plays the national anthem before walking on the red carpet.

On Wednesday, Merkel suffered a new tremor as she stood next to visiting Finnish Prime Minister Ante Rene during a show of honor guard on arrival.

"I felt better after drinking some water," Merkel said after her first bout of trembling. During her meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelynski on May 18, she felt better after drinking some water.

Merkel was also shivering as she stood next to President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on June 27 during the inauguration of the new justice minister, but her spokesman said she was fine. Merkel then traveled as planned to Japan for the G-20 summit.

Angela Merkel empfängt Mette Frederiksen (Reuters / H. Hanschke)

Merkel next to Denmark's new prime minister.

Merkel: I am aware of the responsibility of my post

Merkel did not make it clear whether she had been treated for medical treatment or not after suffering a fit of tremors that she had publicly hit while receiving foreign heads of government recently. "I am aware of the responsibility of my position first, and therefore act accordingly – also in terms of my health," she said at a news conference with the Danish prime minister.

"Secondly, you can assume that as a human being I have a great personal interest in being healthy and taking care of my health." She joked about her 65th birthday next week, saying she knew every year on her birthday that she was getting older.

Merkel's office gave no explanation for her jittery spells, sparking speculation in the German media about why. The 64-year-old counselor has no history of any serious illness.

AH / ZA (Reuters)

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