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President Mohamed Morsi invited me with some politicians and public figures to listen to our views and discuss the issues of the homeland (so he told me in the phone who called me). I went on time and found most of the invitees of the Islamists with some members of the civil current, I remember them with the preservation of the titles: Hassan Nafea, Ayman Nour, Mohammed Abu Ghar, Amr Hamzawy and others ..

President Morsi was sitting in front of us and next to him was a person who ran the session and gave the call to the Islamists for about an hour. Asked for the floor and asked colleagues from the civil stream did not turn to us the director of the session until I had to stand and addressed my words to Morsi:

My colleagues and I have asked for the floor for some time and have not allowed us to speak.

President Morsi allowed me to speak and asked him three questions about his decisions.

The first question:

– How do you give yourself all the decorations of the Republic once? Is it permissible for the head of state to honor himself?

Mursi told me that the protocol department told him that this tradition was compulsory. The president himself must give all the decorations once so that he could then be granted a medal by the president. Of course, I was not convinced by this strange talk. If this was an old law, Morsi should have canceled it or changed it. But if the subject was a mold that the presidential staff had designed to distort the image of Morsi, he was supposed to pay attention and not obey them, but he was too weak to take the right position.

second question:

Marshal Tantawi and General Sami Anan were involved in the killing of hundreds of young revolutionaries in events documented by video and audio. We were waiting for your Excellency, Doctor Morsi, to refer them to trial, but we were surprised that you gave the Nile necklace to Morsher Tantawi and the medal of the Republic of the team Annan. Do you honor murderers instead of trying them?

Here one of the Islamists boycotted me saying:

– Tantawi and Anan may have repented and reformed and good deeds go wrong.

I replied,

– Good deeds go wrong in personal sins. Whoever kills people unjustly must be tried.

What was Mursi's answer to this question? .. Nothing .. Just a general talk about the unity of the army and the people in the face of conspiracies, etc .. Which assured me that the honor Tantawi and Annan was the decision of the guidance office and of course Morsi implemented and is unable to interpret this decision Or to defend it.

The third question:

As President of the Republic, I have pardoned Islamists who have been tried and convicted for terrorist acts. Why did not pardon the youth of the Revolution unjustly imprisoned in the military prison?

Mursi said:

– I know these Islamists (and some names) and they are actually oppressed.

so I told him:

– If knowing your personal sovereignty is sufficient to repeal the provisions of the law, we also know by name the young detainees in the military prison and they are also oppressed.

Here President Morsi promised to release the youth of the revolution (and did not fulfill his promise) ..

I left the meeting and I was assured that Mohamed Morsi is not qualified for the position he occupies. In fact, he is not the head of state, but the representative of the guidance office in the presidency. The Muslim Brotherhood has called me several times for inviting me to similar meetings. I have always apologized for not going because The image of the verdict was clear to me and I found it useless and inappropriate to participate in such plays.

I did not meet President Morsi until his sad fate was met. Based on numerous reports and on the basis of Mursi's own complaint, the deliberate medical negligence of the prison administration has caused his death, making the Sisi regime responsible for his murder, and Morsi has not received any fair trial for the charges against him. Morsi died of injustice. This is a fact, but at the same time it does not justify the myth that the Brotherhood is now trying to weave around Mursi.

We have to wonder why the military junta allowed Marsi to run for president and was not tried on charges of escaping from jail. Can we imagine that the military junta would have allowed the results of the presidential elections to be rejected?

The elections that brought Mursi to the presidency have been marred by major abuses that could invalidate them, such as preventing Copts from voting, falsifying election cards in the Amiri press, and buying the votes of the poor with oil and sugar bags.

All these abuses were the subject of an issue that apologized for its consideration more than a judge and is still to be seen. Morsi was not a military chief but he was also not a civilian because he belonged to an organization with organized militias that used violence against Brotherhood opponents on several occasions.

The fascist leader Benito Mussolini was not a military man, but he was also not a civilian because he had the militias of black shirts that used violence to subdue the opponents. Mursi was a very good man with limited intellect and culture, despite his engineering degree. He was an obedient tool in the hands of Khairat al-Shater and members of the Guidance Office, who betrayed the revolution with their shameful complicity with the military council before turning against them. Mohamed Morsi was killed by the Sisi regime with medical negligence but also unfortunately paid for accepting a position that does not have the qualifications and the price of his blind obedience to the decisions of the Guidance Office.

May Allah have mercy on Dr. Mohamed Mursi and forgive him

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