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In the wake of the Egyptian revolution, the newspapers published the text of the radio conversations between the security leaders and the officers while trying to suppress the demonstrations on January 28. I recall that an officer shouted in his commander:

– The demonstrators will come from everywhere in terrible numbers … The people have been saved.

This sentence uttered by the officer spontaneously reflects the concept of power in Egypt. That the relationship between the regime and the people riding relationship, must be installed power to the people, in the same period spread a video of the director of the security of the lake, addressing the officers of the stunning revolution, he said:

– Whatever happens (to the Egyptians), they need us, and we are better than their masters.

The idea of ​​sovereignty here means absolute power. Hence, the intelligence services and the security of the state are characterized by the "sovereign" apparatuses that carry out their will on the people without review or accountability and their decisions are above the law. If we summarize the objectives of the revolution in one sentence, it will be "the restoration of sovereignty to the people." All Egyptians should be equal before the law. That the officer and judge of the simple citizen in the rights and duties should be able to "real" parliament to monitor the budget of the army and make sure that his civil projects pay taxes and that their profits are deposited in the state budget.

In 2011, before the pressure of the revolution, the junta forced Mubarak to step down to preserve the old regime and then found himself in a confrontation with the Brotherhood and the youth of the revolution. The military junta treated the Brotherhood in the same way as Nasser: they used their thirst for power and used them against the democratic forces, then turned on them and consumed them, but the youth of the revolution is a difficult and mysterious mass and exceptional phenomenon in the history of Egypt.

The millions of young people who grew up without a national project meet on it and no political culture, under the education of a degenerate and false media liar from the security services. Then if suddenly, like the boom, they refuse to seek employment contracts in the Gulf as their parents did and they have the awareness and the courage to change the reality. Their country is not seeking power, and therefore can not be bought like the Brotherhood.

The military council considered the youth of the revolution the most dangerous of its enemies and sharpened all its weapons to eliminate them. He launched a massive media campaign to discredit them and accuse them of betrayal and hold them responsible for the chaos resulting from the deliberate security chaos of the security services. At the same time, in order to weaken the revolution, massacres took place in which hundreds of young people were massacred, such as the massacres of Mohammed Mahmoud, the Council of Ministers, Port Said, Maspero, Abbasiyah I, II, Maspero and others.

The military council's plan succeeded and many Egyptians hated the revolution and considered it the cause of the deterioration of the situation, although it did not rule for one day. Most of the youth of the revolution joined millions of Egyptians in the June 30 demonstrations to demand Morsi's early presidential election. Sisi did not fulfill his pledge and decided to seize power, but never forgot that the real danger to his regime would be the source of the youth of the revolution, thousands of them were arrested so that no longer one month without arrest of the revolutionaries. The latest arrest of Tal Ziyad al-Alimi, Hossam Mounis and Hisham Fouad are known for belonging to socialist thought, which necessarily makes them in full rivalry with political Islam, but, surprisingly, are tried on charges of collaborating with the Brotherhood. This ridiculous absurd accusation has been pursued by all those who oppose the Sisi. Even a security-related lawyer personally presented me with a statement to the Attorney General two days ago accusing me of "cooperating with the Brotherhood" although my intellectual and political adversaries are known to them.

The Sisi regime is being thrown at the opponents in prison first and then looking for an accusation. The most ridiculous thing is the film issued by the Interior Ministry on the Ziad al-Alimi case. You will not see in this film accused, nor evidence, nor evidence. There is nothing but a sign for a contracting company, and then someone opens the treasury of the company and finds a bundle of banknotes, and here the military music is emitted as if the money in the treasury of a company is considered a heinous crime.

Ziyad al-Alimi suffers from a severe sensitivity to the chest and needs to breathe fresh air, but the prison administration intransigent with him, resulting in bouts of shortness of breath endangering his life. This deliberate medical negligence killed Mohammed Morsi recently and now threatens the life of Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh, who suffers from angina. Hazem Abdel Azim, who needs urgent surgery in the pelvis, as well as Mohamed El-Beltagy, Ahmed Duma and thousands of detainees. What does Sisi want from Ziad Al-Alimi? ..The real reason behind the arrest of Ziad and his comrades that they decided to run in the next elections and this is the most basic rights. Sisi considers the youth of the revolution his enemies and wants to get rid of them, wants to break their will, to push them to despair and frustration or forced them to flee their country or throw them in prison .. Abdul Fattah al-Sisi studied military science, but certainly did not read history because of who reads it will learn that Revolutions, if they occur, cause a profound and profound change in society that can not be ignored or eliminated.

Revolution The idea and history teaches us that repression never eliminates the idea but increases its power and influence. The fabrication of the issues by Ziad al-Alimi and his associates will never break them. There are millions of young people in Egypt who made the revolution for the first time and are able to restore it at any moment. The end of injustice is approaching … faster than many expect.

Democracy is the solution

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