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Two days after taking office, Mohammed Morsi invited us to meet him at the presidential palace. We were a group of activists and public figures associated with the revolution. Of course, we did not forget the Brotherhood's betrayal of the revolution and its complicity with the military council in return for assuming power with the blessing of the military.

We did not forget that the elections that came in the presidential race were surrounded by strong doubts because the Brotherhood, as usual, bought the votes of the poor and prevented villages with a Coptic majority from voting, in addition to the fact that electoral cards were rigged in the Amiri press.

We did not forget all of this, but most of us thought, and I heard from them with my ears, that our duty to the revolution requires us to help President Mursi to succeed in his post. We went in and saw Mursi waiting for us in a spacious room surrounded by the same mysterious people who surrounded him at the Fairmont meeting. After congratulatory words, some of us pointed to the hostile spirit we met at the Republican Palace.

Imagine. Water was cut off from the palace all day long.

We asked him in alarm if the water was cut off from the whole neighborhood or only from the palace. He replied that she had been cut off from the palace. Here some of us enthusiastically said:

This is a challenge for the post of president. They cut off your sovereignty of water to tell you a clear message: They are stronger than you. An investigation and punishment of the water-cutting agent must be opened by the President of the Republic.

Morsi smiled and said

Simple. I did not receive the water cut off Praise be to Allaah and I did wudoo 'and prayed and I grew up and the water began to return.

This strange response was another proof that this good man was not really fit for the presidency. After that, each one of us said his opinion about what the president should do. Some of us pointed out that the security chaos was deliberate by the police to punish the Egyptians for their revolution and suggested ideas to rid the police of the old regime's brigades. Morsi said:

The most important thing is to provide the police with the means to do their duty. This morning I met senior traffic officers, listened to their problems and promised to increase the budget and salaries.

This flattery of the police and the suspension of their role in the counterrevolution was the line adopted by the Muslim Brotherhood to the extent that Mursi, later, gave a speech in which the soldiers and officers of the central security on what he called their great role in the January revolution !, and when the unjust sentences against the accused in the massacre Port Said demonstrated the parents of the accused, killing dozens of police shot dead. On that day, Morsi appeared on television and saluted the policemen for their "heroism" and demanded more intensity. It is my turn to talk and I said to Mursi:

Your sovereignty as president belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood and in front of you in my opinion two ways:

But if you achieve the objectives of the revolution and stand against the old regime, then the people will support you even if you are angry with the Brotherhood. And if you try to achieve the objectives of the Brotherhood in alliance with the old regime then you will lose everything because the people will lose confidence in you and the old regime will not guarantee you whatever you do.

He responded to Mursi with an enthusiastic separation from the constructional words about his devotion to the revolution and his determination to achieve its objectives in full. She continued:

Your Excellency is an Islamic president and this is a paper that the old regime will use against you. Yesterday, some Islamic extremists attacked a church in Alexandria and prevented church guests from entering it. Of course, security has failed to play its role in protecting the church in order to intimidate the Copts from the Islamic president.

Morsi's money on one of his companions assured him the health of the information that I said. She continued:

What I suggest to your sovereignty is to take your car and go to the church and eat with the monks until you send a message to everyone that the Islamic president will be more careful to protect the Copts.

Many liked the idea (mention Wael Ghoneim), but Mursi himself seemed very enthusiastic and said:

This is a great idea that needs to be implemented immediately.

Then go to talk on another topic. Mursi promised things and then could not implement them because the guidance office rejected them and how surprised we were with the wrong decisions that Morsi implemented, although he did not take them, but took the guidance office (such as the constitutional declaration).

I came out of this encounter with an unfortunate fact: Muhammad Mursi, despite being a good man, received his doctorate in engineering, but he has limited intellectual and political capabilities and is not fit for the presidency. He was never a president of the republic but a delegate to the presidential guidance office.

This was enough because I would refrain from meeting Mursi because his meeting was worthless and useless, but I was afraid that I was in a hurry to judge him and accepted his invitation to meet (the latter).

In this last meeting, Mursi will tell us why he blessed himself with all the Egyptian decorations in one day, and why the youth of the revolution left the detainees unfairly in the military prison while he issued a presidential amnesty for dozens of terrorists who are sentenced to final sentences. Morsi will also tell us why he did not try al-Mashir Tantawi, On the charge of killing hundreds of demonstrators, but were awarded the highest honors in honor of what he called "their great role in the protection of the homeland."

All these facts I will tell her next week, God willing

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