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LONDON (Reuters) – The image of the British scientist Alan Turing, who has already been convicted of "having sex with men" and punished in private, will appear on the new British banknote of £ 50, the governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, announced on Monday (15 July 2019) End of 2021.

In his speech, the governor considered the man a "prominent athlete," referring to him as "a giant standing on his shoulders much of what we see today." Carney also said Turing was a "father of computer science and industrial intelligence, a hero of the war heroes." The CNN network that the US has concluded the word of honor by saying: "His additions reach an unlimited extent."

Alan Matheson Thuring is an animated talent group. He is a mathematician, a computer scientist, a scientist in logic, a philosopher and a specialist in deciphering military codes. Early on, he laid down the rules of computer algorithms and common social networking platforms today, and invented a machine called the Turing Machine, which can be considered a general computer model.

Alan Turing (picture-alliance / dpa / Sherborne School / Bonhams)

Alan Turing in a rare photo sold for 970 thousand euros to a photo collector at an auction in New York

During the Second World War, Turing worked with a team of British specialists to decipher the Nazi Army's communication code, using a machine called the Inigma machine. It was used in particular by the German naval intelligence, which was directing a large submarine fleet to destroy and disrupt British ships In the seas. Turing was a hero of the United Kingdom in the war against Nazism, and some sources estimated that his activity in breaking the codes of German forces had saved 14 million lives. But, despite all this superiority, he received no respect and attention because he was gay, at a time when British law punishes homosexuality for imprisonment or fornication.

After the war, Alan Turing was active in the field of computer science, and dedicated his life to her. But in 1952, he was tried on charges of homosexual acts, convicted of this charge, and good between chemical castration or imprisonment, preferring to castration. In 1954, Thuring committed suicide before his 42nd birthday by eating an apple dipped in cyanide. But there are accounts suggesting that his death was the result of a poisoning incident.

In 2009, as a result of a large online campaign, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown officially apologized on behalf of the United Kingdom to the late Turing, expressing his regret and pain in particular "for the horrible way he was treated." In 2014, Queen Elizabeth II granted him a royal pardon, and in 2017 he was issued the "Turing Law" for amnesty, which includes a retaliatory amnesty for anyone who was punished, convicted or further by laws and laws that criminalize homosexuality.


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