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The illegal immigrant rescue ship "Alex" made its way to the port of Lampedusa and docked in its port on Saturday (July 6, 2019) despite orders from Interior Minister Matteo Salveni not to enter, Italian non-governmental organization Meditrania said.

"Due to the unbearable health of the ship Alex, it was decided to go to the port of Lampedusa to docking," the organization wrote in a tweet on Twitter. The Italian police were waiting for the vessel when they arrived at the port, while no one left the ship on board.

The Italian government asked Meditrania to send its boat to Malta, but the NGO explained that the 11-hour flight would be too long and dangerous. Mediterania said in a statement that the law allowed the ship to take 18 passengers, but currently has about 60 people aboard, including 41 rescued migrants.

For his part, German Interior Minister Horst Zehover appealed to his Italian counterpart Mathieu Salvini to end the ongoing crisis of rescue vessels in the Mediterranean through the opening of Italian ports. "We can not be held responsible for paying ships with rescued human beings hovering for weeks in the waters of the Mediterranean because they do not have a harbor to park at," Schwefer said in a letter to Salvini.

"For this reason, it is necessary to find urgent European solutions and a common responsibility for the immediate rescue of sea water," he said. "Therefore, I urgently appeal to you to reconsider your position and open the Italian ports for these vessels."

"In our individual responsibility and in the judgment of our common Christian values, in individual cases the identity of the rescuer, the identity of the crew or the flag flagged by the ship should not be a reason to prevent or allow a ship to be anchored," he said.

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