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An Algerian court on Tuesday (July 9, 2019) sentenced an Algerian fan deported from Egypt to the backdrop of raising a political slogan during the African Nations Cup, hosted by Egypt until 19 July..

According to media reports, a court in eastern Algiers sentenced the jailer "S. Mowaffak" to a year in prison and fined him $ 500 for raising the slogan of "walking away" or " Nations of Africa. The sources said that the fan was accused of "showing the public the papers that would harm the national interest"He said.

On the other hand, the court convicted other fans with 6 months of suspended prison terms and fined them $ 200 for the charge of "inserting fireworks into a sports facility that would harm public safety in the framework of a sports demonstration"He said.

Egyptian security was arrested by the Algerian cheerleader, who raised the slogan "political" before the match, which defeated Algeria on Kenya 2-0 on June 23 at the start of its career in the championship, and during the same game Egyptian security arrested two fans to set fire to fireworks.

The African Football Confederation (CAF) has issued an ultimatum to Algeria against the use of its fireworks fans.


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