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The Algerian national team won their second African Nations Cup title and won their second continental title with a 1-0 win over Senegal on Friday (19 July 2019) in the final of the Cairo International Stadium.

The Algerian team (Desert Warriors) won the match for a 1-0 victory over Baghdad Bungah in the second minute while Senegal (Black Taranga) failed to adjust the score over the course of the match.

The goal is the fastest goal in the history of the final of the tournament since Nigeria's Patrick Odegambi against Algeria in particular during the final 1980, which saw the victory of Nigeria's Eagles on the Greens 3-0.

The Algerian team confirmed their superiority over Senegal in the current tournament, where he won the same result of their game in the first round of this version.

Algerian team Al-Khadr won the African title after a 29-year absence. The title is the second for the Algerian team (Greens) in the history of his participation in the African Cup of Nations, noting that he was crowned his only former title at home in 1990 with a victory over his Nigerian counterpart in the final match of the tournament.

On the other hand, Senegal's top seed failed to win his first continental title, falling for the second time in the final. The team lost their penalty shootout to Cameroon in the 2002 final in Mali.

The early goal did not contribute to the decent performance of the two teams during the first half as the Algerian team gradually retreated to rely heavily on the defense in the second half of this half.

In contrast, the Senegalese team's attacks lacked sufficient strength to defeat the Terranga blacks in response to the early goal of the Greens.

Afrika-Cup 2019 Finale | Algerien - Senegal (Getty Images / AFP / J. Soriano)

In the second half, the two teams continued their mutual attack with relative superiority of the Senegalese team most of the time.

In the 60th minute, a penalty was awarded to Senegal after a touch of hand on Adlan Qadura but the referee canceled it after reviewing the video referee system (Farr).

The Algerian team won their fourth win against only one draw in five matches between the two teams in the African Nations Cup.

The Algerian team did not offer the outstanding level that appeared in the various games of the tournament but managed to maintain its lead for about 90 minutes after the introduction at the beginning of the game.

The two teams did not enter the atmosphere until the surprise Algerian striker Baghdadi Bungah of Senegal to advance in the second minute of the game. The goal came after the Algerian team took the ball from the Senegalese players in the left and Boungah ball until he reached the Senegalese area and then hit the ball to hit Senegal defender Salif Sani's leg and rise significantly before hitting the left-footer and live in a daze of Senegal players.

The goal gave a tremendous boost to the Algerian team, which remained the best and most dangerous despite Senegal's attempts to respond.

The Algerian team continued to excel, as it was the best in the stadium and control of the game, although the team's attack was reduced as the game was confined for some time in the middle of the stadium without any danger to the two goals with the utmost defensive caution of the two teams.

After the first quarter-hour of the game, the Terrangas blackened their offensive attempts in search of the equalizer. Senegal were given a free-kick by Algeria's penalty area and Henry Seft played the crossbar in the 21st minute, but the Algerian defense put them away before they posed any danger. Saift also hit a free-kick in the 27th minute but Algerian goalkeeper and goalkeeper Haheb Rais Mbulhi was very alert and held the ball firmly.

The Senegalese side took advantage of the undefeated win and intensified their offensive pressure in the last quarter of the second half, hoping for a draw before the break.

Amidst a wave of harshness between the players of the two teams, the Algerian star Rami Ben Sbaini received a warning in the 33rd minute of the roughness with Ismael Saar.

Senegalese striker Sadio Mani escaped at least 36 minutes after attacking Sofian Figouli without a shot during Senegal's first corner kick.

Niang fired a shot in the 38th minute, but the luck stopped beside the Greens as the ball passed directly over the upper right corner of the Algerian goal.

The Senegalese team got two corner shots in stoppage time for the first half, but did not take advantage of them well enough to finish the game with the Greens progressing to a clean goal.

The Senegalese side resumed their offensive pressure at the start of the second half, but the Senegalese quickly abandoned their defensive defiance and exchanged attacks with the Tarangas and their attacks were a major annoyance for the Senegalese defense.

Algerian Youssef Blaili received a warning in the 54th minute for the roughness with Lamine Gasama.

The Senegalese team intensified their attack in the following minutes and had the opportunity to Sadio Mani when the ball reached him in the penalty area and dodged the Algerian defense and then shot the ball without proficiency as he took off his helmet and hit the ball with defender Jamal al-Din bin Omari missed the opportunity.

Youssef Sabali got a free kick outside the Algerian penalty area and was paid by the specialist Saifet but it was within reach of Mbulhi.

Cameroonian referee Allium Nayant raised concerns in the Algerians when he fired his whistle in the 60th minute with a penalty kick for Senegal following a quick attack of the Terangas and a cross from the right and ran into Adnan Qadurah's hand.

With the return to the video referee system (VAR), the referee changed his decision and canceled the penalty kick and continued to play.

The Algerian team received an extra moral boost by canceling the penalty, and the two sides exchanged serious attacks again.

Niang wasted an ideal opportunity to score the equalizer in the 66th minute after receiving the ball after a long pass from Lamin Gasama and get rid of the defense and then rip Mbulhi, who offered to meet him, but Niang's shot went out of the goalkeeper's free goal.

Sabali fired a shot in the 69th minute, which Mbulhi miraculously pushed from the bottom of the bar to a poorly-used corner. The Algerian team responded with more than one attack that was more dangerous and more than a corner kick.

Joseph Blailey fired a superb ball from the edge of the box in the 74th minute, hitting the head of a defender and just over the bar.

Billey's corner was a formidable threat, but the Senegalese defense kept it at the last minute.

Ben Amari suffered a serious injury to his face after a strong match with Sadio Mani. The player went out for treatment, putting a bandage on the wound to stop the bleeding.

The referee insisted that the player replace his blood-stained trousers, raising fans in the stands for fear that the Senegalese team could use the number of Greens.

Idrissa Jay received a warning in the 79th minute for the roughness with Bliley, and Gasama received a warning in the next minute of the roughness with Ismail Ben Nasser.

The Senegalese team intensified their offensive attempts in the last ten minutes of the game to no avail, while quick rebounds of vegetables made some serious before the referee ended the match with the precious win of vegetables.

(AFP, Reuters, AFP)

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