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The Algerian capital has witnessed demonstrations on Friday for the 23rd consecutive week, amid widespread security, to protest the legitimacy of "national figures," which will hold a dialogue on the arrangements for presidential elections, which is still rejected by the protest movement.

The interim president of Algeria, Abdelkader Ben Saleh, appointed Thursday a team of personalities to lead a comprehensive national dialogue aimed at organizing free and fair presidential elections as soon as possible.

On Friday (26 July 2019), demonstrators held slogans rejecting the dialogue and opposing the team appointed to run it.

Security forces deployed in the streets of the city center on Friday, while protesters chanted "We are tired of the military" criticized the central role of the army since independence from France, and "the people want independence."

The crowd dispersed in Algiers without clashes in the evening, as well as in more than half of the rest of the country's 47 states, which the official APS said had seen demonstrations.

While the number of protesters could not be estimated in the absence of official figures, mobilization appeared strong on Friday, but less than in the early weeks of the protest movement, which began on February 22.

Since Bouteflika's resignation, the protest movement has refused to have the symbols of his remaining regime organize the presidential elections and demand their departure before. The presidential elections originally scheduled for July 4 were not held because there were no candidates.

While rejecting the demands of the protest movement, the regime made several proposals for dialogue to get out of the crisis, all of which have so far been rejected. However, the last call made by Ben Saleh on July 3 attracted the attention of a part of the political class and some organizations based on the principle of non-participation of the authority or army in dialogue, but the protest movement insisted on its rejection.


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