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Awesome downloads at 99 percent of the price, announced by Amazon on July 15 and 16. Customers with the prime label, Amazon bought more than 175 million products, making it a better download market than both Friday and Monday.

The success was not just an Amazon ally that day, but the partners of Amazon Market Plus, who hit record market records, spent $ 2 billion on sales that day. Munich-based Borken Organics, was the first time in the Amazon market, and was able to sell its fruit and vegetables with sales exceeding 170 percent!

The two-day event took place in 18 countries where Amazon sites appeared, and in Germany, the Osiram Smart + Belk, JBL Bluetooth and the Tefal's Yami Oliver were on top demand, although they did not come from Amazon. The BBC Game Hardware website reported that there are more than 100 million Amazon prime buyers worldwide.

To be a Prime buyer on Amazon, you have to pay € 69 per year. This allows you to access rare unique events such as those on the above two days, as well as free delivery of millions of goods, and the possibility to attend prime video streaming.

The disadvantage of markets of this kind is that they may push the speculator to buy goods he does not need, "which could create a state of mistrust," confirmed Nicholas Economum, professor of economics at New York University's School of Business.

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