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The United States asked Germany to support the war against the remnants of the "Islamic State" by urging ground troops to support the Kurdish-led Syrian forces in northeastern Syria.

James Jeffrey, the US special envoy to Syria and the international coalition against Da'ash, wants the German government to send training troops, logistical experts and technical workers from the Bundeswehr.

"We want ground troops from Germany to replace our troops in part," Geoffrey told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa and the German weekly Welt am Sonntag. He said he expected a response before the end of this month.

US forces support the Syrian Democratic Forces Alliance, which includes militias controlled by Kurdish People's Protection Units. Last March, Syria's democratic forces seized the last bastion of Dahesh in Syria, despite the continued activity of radical Islamist organization from underground.

US President Donald Trump announced in December plans to withdraw all 2,000 US troops from northeastern Syria. He declined later and said about 400 would remain to help stabilize the Kurdish region, which runs along the border between Iraq and Syria. Since then, the United States has been seeking additional support from its 80 allies in a coalition against a pro-Western organization, including Germany, with the start of US troop withdrawals.

"We are looking for volunteers to participate here and among other coalition partners, and we believe we will succeed in the end," the Special Envoy said after talks in Berlin on Friday.

Germany supports an anti-terrorist alliance from outside Syria by supplying Tornado reconnaissance planes and refueling aircraft from Jordan, as well as training troops in Iraq. German troops were due to finish on October 31, but German Foreign Minister Haiku Mas made it clear during a visit to Iraq last month that it could be extended. The German parliament, which has to approve any extension, will discuss the matter in September at the earliest.


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