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Although space scientists have successfully discovered several planets and galaxies dating back to the early days of the universe, an asteroid was able to approach the Earth a few days ago without being detected quickly.

The Sciencealert website reported that a asteroid approached Thursday (25 July 2019) from Earth. This asteroid is called a label "OK 2019 ", And was about 70 thousand kilometers from the ground.

The same source, which deals with scientific news, said that scientists from the Brazilian "SONEAR" discovered this asteroid late, only hours after its approach from the Earth, showing the magnitude of the speed at which these asteroids move. However, an asteroid"OK 2019" Did not pose any threat to the ground, according to the same source.

In the same context, the site "Daily Mail" that since the discovery"OK 2019" The asteroid (larger than the Statue of Liberty) will take several years to reappear. The asteroid is larger than the Statue of Liberty. .

On the other hand, reported the site of the magazine "NewsWeek" America that although the asteroid "OK 2019" It would have been destroyed if it collided with the Earth, but it was not comparable to the asteroid that had destroyed the dinosaurs earlier.

The US space agency "NASA", reported (May 26, 2019) that the asteroid, "1999 KW4" and a diameter of 1.3 km, approached very much of the earth and almost collided with them, according to the site, "Der Visten" German .


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