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A team of researchers in Australia has developed an electronic chip that can mimic the human mind in using light to create and modify memories. The research team from the Australian RMIT University inspired the idea of ​​the chip from genetic optics to develop a device capable of mimicking the human mind's way of storing and canceling data. The science of genetic optics allows scientists to understand the electrical system of the human body very accurately, and allows the possibility of controlling neurons using light.

The new chip consists of a thin layer made of certain materials that change their electrical resistance with a change in the length of the wavelength they are exposed to, acting like nerve cells that store and cancel data from the human brain.

Dr. Timur Ahmed, a member of the research team, noted that the ability to repeat neuronal behavior on an artificial slice provides exciting ways to research in this area. "This technology creates tremendous opportunities for researchers to better understand the brain and how it is affected by disorders that disrupt neurological connections, such as Alzheimer's disease and dementia," said Eurekalat, the American website.

"This technology brings us closer to reaching an artificial intelligence system that allows us to take advantage of an understanding of the full functions of the human mind," the study's website Scientology said. He added: "The chip inspired by genetic optics science imitates the basic biology of the best computer in nature, the human mind," noting that it is possible to run the chip by shedding different colors of lighting on it.

"This is an important step toward achieving the goal of creating the supernatural mind, a brain in the form of a chip that can learn from the surrounding environment just as humans do," he concluded.

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