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About two million Facebook users have registered on a search for spacecraft at the highly classified US military base known as Area 51, with the exciting trip on September 20.

While preparing for their strange journey, others preferred to listen to the scientists' talk about the hypothesis of the existence of space objects or not. In a – interview, the space biology professor at the Berlin Technical University, Dirk Schultze-McCook, said he would be surprised if there were no space objects. "With billions of planets and moons in the universe, it would be strange that the earth is the only place on whose surface life exists," Makosh said.

Some believe that the US government is hiding space objects in the secret base in Nevada, where the US authorities recognized in 2013 the existence of the base already.

Local residents and visitors to the region have reported seeing strange objects flying inside the site, but these objects may in fact be modern spy planes the United States has been developing for years.

As a result of all this mystery and excitement, this region has become the hub of a culture that includes many television series, movies and stories about space objects, and even extended to the opening of restaurants and hotels taken by the space objects symbol.

USA Nevada | Facebook Witz Area 51 zu stümen geht Viral (Getty Images / AFP / D. Becker)

Area 51, Nevada, USA

But the professor at the Technical University of Berlin Schulze MacKhoch does not talk about what we see in science fiction, which first refers to the simplest forms of life are microbial objects, which can survive under the most difficult climatic conditions such as temperature rise to 100 degrees Celsius .

But while some are looking for space objects, scientists are looking for another planet that is good for life. The planet Proxima is now the focus of researchers because it is closest to Earth, and the "closest" Only years!

The social researcher at the Freiberg Institute for Mental Health, Andreas Anton, warns of the existence of a life away from the planet from a crisis in humans and the need to develop a scenario to deal with the situation in case it occurs. "How can we prevent the political chaos and chaos that can happen if we discover space objects?

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