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Russian police arrested Saturday (27 July 2019) More than a thousand demonstrators came to Moscow to demand free and fair elections, despite the intensification of opposition repression in recent days.

Less than a week after an unprecedented rally since the move, which organized a refusal to return Vladimir Putin to the Kremlin in 2012, the security forces did not allow the protesters this time to participate in this new demonstration, which is not allowed, in front of the Russian capital.

The opposition denounces the rejection of independent nominations for local elections on September 8, which seem difficult for candidates who support power in a context of social discontent.

He refused to register about 60 candidates for the parliamentary elections in Moscow, because of defects in the collection of signatures necessary to run for candidacy, as was officially announced. Independent participants excluded from the election denounced the existence of fully fabricated irregularities, they said, accusing the pro-government mayor, Sergei Subyanin, of wanting to stifle the opposition.

About 3,500 people, including some 700 journalists and bloggers, took part in the demonstration on Saturday, according to the Moscow police, adding that 1,074 people were "arrested for various offenses."

The security forces mobilized in large numbers and stopped the protesters, who were streaming to Moscow's main boulevard, Tverskaya Avenue, shouting "Oh shame" and "We want free elections" and pushing them into the surrounding streets. Police dispersed another rally called by the opposition and began on Tropnaya Square around 1640 GMT. Most of the arrests were violent, one of the demonstrators was injured head, according to an AFP journalist.

"The authorities have lost all logic: their behavior has become almost sadistic," opposition activist Ilya Yashin wrote on Twitter, announcing a "big new demonstration" in Moscow on August 3.

Security forces raided the houses and offices of a number of candidates, who had canceled their nominations, and opposition to the Kremlin Alexei Navalni was returned to jail Wednesday for 30 days for violating the "rules of demonstrations." A large number of candidates, including Navalini's allies, were dismissed or summoned for questioning in the middle of the night.

The measures come after an investigation into "obstructing the work of the electoral commission" in Moscow during the mid-July protests, which could lead to sentences of up to five years in prison, citing the provisions of the 2011-2012 movement against the return of Vladimir Putin to the presidency .

Amnesty International on Saturday criticized the "excessive use of force" by Russian police, calling for "the immediate release of peaceful protesters."

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